Guide For IPhone VPN Connection


The emergence of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones has heralded a new dawn in information sharing. It is easy to start working on a project at the office and submit a final draft from home. This seamless connection has been made possible by virtual private network (VPN) technologies. Individuals and businesses cannot ignore the increase in identity and data theft cases. According to the Internet Crime Complaint Center, more than 300,000 cases are reported every year. Online security experts believe many people never report cases of identity theft and online fraud. A VPN makes it easy to communicate without exposing yourself to hackers. The following steps will show you how to keep VPN connected on iPhone.

Getting Started

VPN connection on iPhone is easy if you have done the same on an iPad. You do not need special technical know how to get a VPN up and running. Your iPhone VPN connection can be accomplished using various protocols. These include PPTP or L2TP protocols. The configuration steps for both protocols are almost the same.


Start by opening your iPhone settings icon. Proceed to tap general followed by network. This will bring up VPN. This is where your interest lies. Under VPN, you will see the VPN configuration option. It is given as ‘Add VPN Configuration’. If you want to setup PPTP, select this option. The next step involves providing VPN configuration details. These details are usually provided by your VPN service provider. Make sure you do not miss a single detail. Some of the details provided include account name, password, and server name. Add this information correctly in the provided fields. It is important to note that the description name can be any name you pick. However, the server name must be as given by your service provider.

Do not forget to set your encryption to Auto and turn RSA secure ID off. The last step is setting ‘Send All Traffic’ to ‘ON’. Your VPN is ready but you have to save the new settings first. After finishing everything, exit from the VPN settings menu. You can now open the settings again and enjoy a virtual private network. The VPN setup process also adds a VPN tab to your settings. You will find this tab just below the Wi-Fi tab. Remember to turn it on in order to access your VPN.

L2TP Setup

The L2TP setup is similar to the PPTP process. The only difference is the choice of protocol and a new added feature. When you get to the VPN configuration option, choose L2TP instead of PPTP. The new feature is a secret. This will be used by your VPN service provider to identify your connection. The secret is given by your provider together with the other identification details. All the other steps follow the same procedure described above. These steps will protect you when accessing personal information on public Wi-Fi networks. The VPN makes it hard for hackers to intercept and use your personal data. There are many providers offering VPN services. Do not base your choice on price alone. Reputation and customer service matters a lot.

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