While virtual private networks are not a new deal and most computer aficionados are well familiar with the benefits provided by VPN services, VPN providers have also started to cater to the needs of gamers worldwide. Therefore, more and more game console owners these days are using VPN services to get rid of the access restrictions imposed by their gaming providers and ISPs. If you have just bought a PS Vita console, you may have noticed that there are many location restricted games that you cannot get access to, and there does not seem to be anything to do about it. If the government or the representatives of the game creators from your country decide that you should not be allowed to play a particular game, your ISP will simply deny you from the right of downloading or playing it. The good news though is that there is a simple yet effective solution to get past these restrictions, and it does not require relocating abroad. There are several VPN providers who offer VPN for PS Vita, but also for PSP, PS3 or XBOX 360. No matter what kind of gaming device you are using, there is hope for you.

VPN For Playstation Vita

You cannot use vpn directly on your playstation vita. You need to connect it via other devices such as your pc and turn on adhoc wireless or and via vpn router.

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Connecting a VPN

Just like you connect to the internet using your computer through a virtual private network, the same thing is possible even when using a gaming console. The VPN services provide you with anonymity so that the ISP cannot identify who you really are or where you come from. This allows you to connect to any website, download any game you want and even access the video streaming websites that have been blocked on your grounds until now. File sharing websites and torrent sites will also be available for you to access and then browse for as many games as you want.

In order to connect your video gaming device to a virtual private network, you need to have a Laptop or a PC with a wireless port and of course, a VPN provider. The first thing you have to do is to set up your VPN service. This should not be too difficult to do, as most VPN providers also provide you with the necessary steps you have to take in order to install it. Once you set up the VPN tool, you should be able to use it every time you connect to the internet. However, you need it on your gaming device, so go on and connect your PS Vita or PSP to your computer by turning on adhoc function. Click here to see how to set up adhoc function on windows 7

and the other way is using vpn router.

As soon as you connect your laptop or PC or vpn router, you should be allowed to select whether you want to let other devices to connect to the virtual network as well.

Once the virtual private network connection is established, test the connection and proceed to downloading games, playing them and doing whatever you want without worrying about any kind of restrictions. The VPN servers will ensure your privacy and anonymity as long as you are connected to them, and there should not be any delays in your internet connection either, so there is really nothing to worry about anymore.