5 Ways To Unblock Facebook

How To Unblock Facebook

Facebook is currently one of the most commonly used social media sites thanks to its user-friendly format and ability to reunite long-lost friends and relatives around the world. It’s no wonder, then, that Facebook has over 900 million registered and active users the world over. Many of those users are logged on to Facebook all day in order to stay in touch. This makes it all the more frustrating when Facebook is blocked.

Why Are Certain Sites Blocked?

The first step in dealing with this sort of situation is to understand the circumstances that may cause a site like Facebook to be blocked. There are a variety of reasons a site might be blocked. For example, some countries block certain sites, including Facebook, for religious, political, or even cultural reasons. Certain places of work also block social media sites over reduced productivity and heightened security concerns. Finally, high schools, universities and other institutes of higher learning may block sites like Facebook for security purposes.

How to Access Blocked Sites

Fortunately, when considering how to unblock Facebook, there are a number of possibilities:

1) Access the Mobile Version
You can access the mobile version of Facebook at m.facebook.com. The site may look a little different since this address is designed for use on mobile devices like iPhones, but you might be able to access Facebook even if the usual URL has been blocked.

2) Use URL Redirect or Shortening Tools
Another option is to shorten or redirect the http://www.facebook.com URL using a service like TinyURL.com. This web-based program shortens the original URL to something that is easier to copy and paste. If the shortened URL hasn’t been blocked, this may be one way to access your Facebook account even if the original URL has been black listed.

3) Try a Different Language
You can use a search engine to search for “Facebook Spain” or “Facebook Germany” in order to access Facebook in Spanish or German. Then use a translation service, like the one integrated into Google, to translate the page to English.

4) Use the IP Address
Rather than using Facebook’s URL, you can use the IP address, or Internet Protocol address, a series of numbers (IPv4) or numbers and letters (IPv6). To find the IP address for Facebook, use an IP address search engine like Whois.domaintool.com. This may allow you to access a blocked webpage. However, if the site is being blocked by your Internet Service Provider, accessing Facebook using the IP address may violate the terms and conditions of the Acceptable Use Policy, so be sure to check the policy first.

5) Use a VPN
Finally, you can use a vpn to access blocked sites by masking your actual IP address and making it appear that you are accessing Facebook from another IP address (the vpn ip address)

List of Best VPN To Unblock Facebook

Visit Site
Private Internet Access
Hideip VPN
Express VPN
Vypr VPN
IpVanish VPN

These five steps should allow you to access Facebook even when it has been blocked. However, be sure to check with the Internet Service Provider and your place of work or school regarding any penalties for accessing blocked sites before trying to do so.