Anonymous VPN Service vs Proxy Server

anonymous vpn service

There are many benefits of using anonymous vpn service for secure anonymous surfing as compared to using proxy servers. While it is true that you can browse anonymously through the use of proxies, it does not guarantee security. However, you can use a virtual private network to hide your identity while securely surfing the Web.

Browsing Through Proxy Servers

Proxy servers allow users to hide their IP addresses when browsing. The server serves as a meeting point of communication signals between the sender and the receiver. The proxy hides the IP address of the computer accessing the target website and hence hides information from location detection systems. Usually, this service is free. Nonetheless, there are security risks involved.

While the service can unlock geographically restricted content, it cannot ensure security at all times. First of all, most proxy servers do not encrypt data. This means that sensitive data can be intercepted and stolen. If you are accessing an online bank account through a proxy server, you run the risk of exposing the sensitive information to hackers and cyber thieves.

In addition, proxy servers may block certain software and load content very slowly. Even with a fast Internet connection, you may still experience lags and latency when browsing. If you are opening a geo-restricted video through a proxy server, you may have to wait for minutes for the video to buffer and load. For some, this can be too irritating.

Safe Browsing Through Anonymous VPN Service

VPN service provides better security during online browsing. First of all, it encrypts data being sent from a computer through the Internet. If you are opening an online banking account, you do not have to worry about the security risks, unlike in proxies. Encryption is perhaps the best feature offered by VPN service providers

In addition, it allows you to browse the Internet safely as well. It is not secret that the Internet is a hazardous place for sensitive information. If you are sending important data from a computer over the Internet, always make sure that your data is safe. When you use a VPN service, the data cannot be easily sniffed or stolen by unauthorized persons. The service uses tunneling protocols to guarantee the secrecy of the data from the source computer to its destination.

Aside from anonymous browsing, you can use VPN to change your location. Location detection systems will always recognize the location of the VPN server instead of your computer. This has its advantages if you want to participate in surveys, contests, and other location-specific events. In addition, you can also request for a dynamic IP address from the VPN service in case you do not want to have the same IP address all throughout your browsing history.

Final Words

When it comes to online security, it is still best to use anonymous vpn service. The service does not only provide anonymity when surfing the web. It also protects sensitive information being sent over the unsafe Internet environment. The only downside for most people is the cost of the service.

Best Anonymous VPN Service

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