Bittorrent Privacy – Add Security To Your Downloads

BitTorrent Privacy

Using Bittorrent is as public as file sharing can ever get. This is a great download application but has its downsides if you use it openly. Bittorrent privacy can be evasive if you are new to the downloading game. Many have ended up with security issues through downloads. How do you keep yourself safe when it comes to this torrent downloader? It is not difficult but will also depend in your level. If you are a new user when it comes to the downloader, here are a few beginners’ tips you can use to keep yourself away from the unseen invaders. Do not get too excited when downloading and forget to cover your back, you need to keep all the loopholes sealed from the prying onlookers and online eavesdroppers.

Bittorrrent Privacy Tips

Tip 1
Basics should be easily followed. Scan and keep you anti virus up to sate when it comes to downloads. Do not allow everything to go through no matter how important you think the file is. Scan all downloaded files and deal with any threat or alert promptly. Most of these are attached to keys. Some threats are real while others are not.

Tip 2
This is purely informational. You should know that your IP address can be followed very easily. There are online eavesdroppers that follow up activities to do with downloading. These will follow up any downloads with bad information and malicious ware. This kind of traffic is bound to mess up your download and you will find that most often you will need to download certain segments of files since corrupt ones had been sent.

Tip 3
Take time to encrypt your files. You are probably wondering about this famous jargon. All you need to do is turn on the encrypting option in Bittorent. This will make sure that the person try to hijack the information between the two users does not understand what is being sent. It is one of your best chances when it comes to Bittorent privacy. Enable the protocol encryption option and apply to be more precise.

Tip 4
Using IP blockers can also save your skin considerably. This is just a firewall. Turn on your firewall and list any known addresses that carry malware. The firewall option will always detect this address and keep it from accessing or sending anything to your computer. IP blockers are a matter of contention in that you have to know exactly where the problem is for you to block it. It is a more active role as compared to many other app supported methods.

Tip 5
Do not seed your downloads. This allows time for the invaders to do what they want with your IP address. The information is good before seeding. In as much as it is polite, do not allow the seeding time to create an opportunity for malware access to your computer. The seeding sometimes takes an unusually long time which is unnecessary and a good window period for location of your IP.

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