Torguard Review – Proxy & VPN For Torrent Users

Torguard VPN

Torguard Feature:

– $9.99/Month For VPN
– $5.95/Month For Torrent Proxy
– Made For Bittorent, Unlimited Bandwidth
– 30 Days Money Back
– Servers in 6 Countries

Torguard Review

The internet has become an essential tool in the operations of businesses. It leads the way to a more effective and efficient communication. But while there are a lot of undoubted benefits in using this medium, there are also a couple of possible drawbacks. The most apparent threat online is the invasion of privacy by breaching security.

With data compromised, a business or even individuals are bound to lose money. This is why there is a huge need for a more secure and private connection which a Virtual Private Network can provide. One of the more notable providers is Torguard. In this Torguard review, we will look into every detail of this service from this particular provider in order to be able to decide whether their service is worth availing of.

What exactly is Torguard?

Torguard is basically a VPN service provider. The company maintains a firm stand on the belief that everyone has the ultimate right to privacy and protection against malicious acts of stealing private information online. This is why the company offers secure VPN services including proxy solutions that help companies, organizations and individuals alike get an assurance of privacy and security over uninterrupted internet service which is what every client deserves.
Aside from ensuring security, Torguard makes an effort to provide solutions that are easy to use. There are also lightweight applications that the company offers and they are compatible with these operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. Every package you can avail of at Torguard all feature unlimited speeds and bandwidth.

How much does a Torguard VPN package cost?

The cost of availing of the Torguard VPN service varies from one product or package to another. Torguard offers three basic packages: the Torrent VPN service and the Anonymous VPN service. The Torrent VPN service which costs $4.99 a month works to hide the IP over P2P while the Anonymous VPN service that is priced at $9.95 a month provides anonymity of all traffic.

Can customers outside the United States avail of the Torguard VPN service?

TorGuard’s VPN services are available not just in the Unites States but in other countries as well. The countries served by Torguard include the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Netherlands, Russia, Romania and Switzerland. Clients availing of the Torguard VPN service and other proxy solutions from any of these countries are assured of the same level of security and reliable internet connection at the same time. Torguard is equipped with multiple servers to cater to the demands of their clients in this list of countries the company supports.

What choices do customers have with protocol?

As for the protocol, customers can choose between two VPN protocols and another two for IP types. The options for VPN protocols include Open VPN and PPTP. As for the IP type, clients can choose between a Shared Static IP and Shared Dynamic IP. This is what clients can get with the most basic VPN package from Torguard. Depending on the package you avail of, Torguard VPN can also work in the following protocols: PPTP, L2PT, SSL, OpenVPN, SSTP and IPSec. So while the basic package may be limiting, you as a customer always has a choice to upgrade. That is if protocol options are too important for you.

How reliable is this VPN service from Torguard?

Reliability of service is one of the most important things in a VPN provider. This is why Torguard makes an effort to ensure a round the clock customer support to all their valued clients. For whatever issues or inquiries about the service, customers can count that there are representatives on standby to answer their queries and provide a solution to any issue.

What if a customer becomes unsatisfied with Torguard VPN?

Risk is virtually non-existent with Torguard. The company itself provides services and products that are risk free. Because the company is so confident about their products and services, they offer a 30-day money back for unsatisfied customers. No further questions asked.

How much is a Torguard VPN customer entitled to in traffic and bandwidth?

The sky is the limit when it comes to traffic and bandwidth. For less than $5 or $10 a month for the Torrent and Anonymous VPN service respectively, you can enjoy these perks and ensure your privacy from malicious practices over the internet.

What is the speed limit of the Torguard VPN package?

Whether you avail of the Anonymous VPN service or the Torrent VPN service, all Torguard customers can enjoy unlimited speeds. That means you can enjoy surfing the internet without the risk, threats and restrictions whether with access or speed. This Torguard review states this as another reason why this VPN service provider should be your top choice.

What are the supported devices?

There is no limit when it comes to the Torguard supported devices as other Torguard reviews and references will tell you. In fact, you can Torguard anything from your desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone and your other internet devices.

What operating systems does Torguard VPN support?

The Torguard software is easy to install. It is also versatile in that it is designed to support Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and Android operating systems.

Is there a free trial available?

Aside from the 30 days money back guarantee, this Torguard review is impressed with the free trial provided by the company. Torguard knows just how important security and the protection of privacy are to their clients. This is why they give potential customers a chance to test-drive the Anonymous VPN service. The 24-hour free trial features unlimited speeds and bandwidth as well as access to more than 25 servers. It also features OpenVPN-PPTP-L2TP which makes a complete guarantee of internet privacy.

What is the verdict of this Torguard review?

This Torguard review concludes that this VPN service provider is worth the shot. In fact, basing on the features available, the level of support, the ease of use, flexibility and other additional perks of the services, it is a cut above the rest. You cannot put a price tag on privacy and security, but Torguard states the cost and that gives you more reason to prefer this provider over the others.

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  1. great vpn service! These guys are doing it right… For the price, you get access to 13 countries and tons of servers. Install was really simple, you have to be a caveman if you can’t get this working.