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Vietnam VPN

Vietnam VPN services are becoming increasingly popular amongst the country’s population, as they provide a stable internet connection and it is possible to bypass restrictions set by the government on access of certain websites. People living in Vietnam experience many issues with their usual internet connection. The speeds are dismal, which makes uploading or downloading a very frustrating task. Certain websites are blocked or are very slow to connect, like Youtube, Facebook, BBC iPlayer and so on. Online gaming is another frustrating activity with the regular connections, particularly for people using the Steam platform, as it gets disconnected in about a minute.

Inability to unblock Facebook is one of the major problems faced by Vietnamese due to government censorship. People have tried changing their DNS, but this method no longer works. Another method used by some people to get around the blocks is to use proxies, but it proves to be quite a lengthy and slow procedure, and security is not so great. The best option is to use Vietnam VPN (Virtual Private Network) services, as the tunneling and file encryption for IP will be anonymous for your device, and not just for the browser, like in proxies. This way even applications and software connecting to the Web, will not be using a Vietnamese IP. The IP used, will be the VPN server’s IP you have signed for.

There are quite a few services available for Vietnam VPN. Some are free, while others charge a monthly fee. Free services are good for occasional use, as they can be slow, and sometimes the particular server may not work, and the service may switch to a server in another country, which might again limit access. Secondly, free services may not support all devices, there are compatibility issues with Linux, and you will not find any customer support.

As per reviews and user feedback, the best Vietnam VPN is StrongVPN. This company is based in US, and has 315 servers across 20 countries. People have the option of choosing the servers by the plan they choose. All the popular VPN protocols are supported, including PPTP, OpenVPN SSL, SSTP, and L2TP. This service runs on almost all OS and on every popular gadget, including all Apple devices, Nokia, and Windows and Android mobiles.

StrongVPN works quite nicely in Vietnam, and people connecting from any connection in the country can have UK, USA, Canada, or Netherland IP. All the plans have unlimited bandwidth and the speeds are quite impressive. The company also provides a good customer service and technical support to all its members.

Vietnam VPN connection has become necessity if you want full access to the Web, and do not want to be tied down with slow speeds and frequent disconnections. Even if you do not want to access restricted websites, VPN services offer superior security, particularly if you are using public connections from cyber cafes and WiFi. Vietnam VPN will also be excellent for business houses and entrepreneurs who are looking to set up a secure network.

Best Vietnam VPN Services

Not only StrongVPN is available for Vietnamese. There are also other vpn providers that support all Vietnamese people and work very well. You will get Vietnam ip and able to browse website like you are in Vietnam

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