VPN For IOS: Free Your Apple Device From Internet Censorship

vpn for ios

Apple OS or iOS comes with an app that enables users to set up VPN on their iPod, iPhone or iPad. This is a great vpn app since you can access all your favorite websites and social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or Yahoo while out of the United States. More often than not, Americans tend to take the great media and web freedom that they enjoy in the United States for granted. Some countries, especially in the Far East, do not enjoy the same freedom. In China, for example, internet authorities have set up the great firewall to censor all Internet activities. With VPN for iOS, however, you would not have to worry about Internet censorship while visiting such countries.

Organizations mainly use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to facilitate secure private communications over public networks among their employees. Owners of iOS devices can easily configure VPN on their devices and access all work-related communications on the same. VPN is supported by both cellular data networks and Wi-Fi connections. The latest Apple operating system, iOS 5, has a significant enhancement that gives it an edge over its predecessors, for example, it is capable of continuous VPN connection. Earlier iOS versions suffered from constant disconnections, especially when the screen went off. In addition, users had to reconnect every time they wanted to access their emails.

iOS 5 offers uninterrupted VPN connection for hours on end. All users have to do to enjoy this is to activate push email notifications on their Apple devices. Most people find configuring VPN for iOS to be quite easy. To configure VPN for iOS, following the following steps:

Step 1: Access the device settings.

Step 2: Select general followed by network and then VPN.

Step 3: Choose the Add VPN configuration option.

Step 4: Get the correct settings from your network administrator. In most instances, if you have already set up VPN on your PC, the same settings can be used on your handheld device. Important details/settings that would be required at this stage include:

  • Description of your preferred VPN connection name. A common format for the name would appear as follows; connect.myvpn.com.
  • Account/username and password.

Step 5:  Set your RSA secure ID to off mode.

Step 6: Finally, set your VPN encryption level to auto and ‘send all traffic’ to on mode. Save these changes and return to your home screen. VPN on or off option becomes active once you have successfully created a suitable VPN configuration. This option can be accessed from the main settings screen. When the VPN connection is active, a VPN icon appears on your status bar. If you have multiple VPN configurations, you can switch in between the different configurations by selecting settings, general, network then VPN.

Most Apple mobile devices support PPTP protocol. It is therefore logical that the aforementioned configuration steps follow this particular protocol. L2TP is another protocol that is used to configure VPN for iOS, and it follows the same procedure as the PPTP protocol. However, it comes with an additional feature. You are required to enter a secret as provided by your respective VPN service provider. Just like there are many VPN service providers, the iOS market segment is also experiencing intense competition among providers seeking. While this may be a good thing for users, you should choose your service provider diligently. Also, you should keep in mind that some applications such as video streaming gobble up data, as such they require relatively large bandwidth in order to run efficiently. Finally, you should weigh all the pros and cons before going for a VPN for iOS that would be ideal for you.

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