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An impressive feature of Apple’s iPad is the ability to integrate and connect to different networks seamlessly via WiFi Internet. iPad owners can deploy their gadgets to offer support and enterprise networking using simple configuration settings. iPads are manufactured to support multiple enterprising technologies, including secure access to email, calendar, contacts and private corporate networks; as well as open standards such as IMAP, CalDAV and CardAV. Therefore, you can configure your iPad to safely access private corporate networks using standard virtual private network protocols. This marvelous feature is possible through the gadgets built-in VPN client, or downloadable third-party VPN app for iPad.

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This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod.

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What is VPN?

Basically, VPN refers to a private network that connects different users in remote areas using primary communication lines such as the internet. The integrity of this private network is provided by tunneling protocols such as encryption and firewalls, to prevent non-authorized users from accessing it. Apart from secure remote access to VPN networks, an iPad can also integrate with Wi-Fi systems, standard internet servers, mail servers or other custom enterprise networks depending on user specification. This feature permits iPad owners to browse the internet anonymously, access blocked domains, and bypass any online restrictions with great ease.

The inbuilt VPN support feature of iPads enables users to connect to specified enterprise systems. These include typical Cisco IPsec and L2TP over PPTP. Your iPad can access company enterprise systems that use these general security protocols, without requiring manual configuration or third-party applications. Nonetheless, regular VPN users can waste valuable time by manually logging-in and adjusting network configurations when they need to go online. This is why developers have come up with a series of VPN apps for iPad, to enable user’s access their private networks by the click of a button.

How to Setup VPN for iPads

It is quite easy to initialize VPN access using your iPad. First though, the device must be configured to allow safe browsing through either cellular data networks or WiFi Internet. After adjusting VPN configurations under the Network tab, you can scroll to the ITunes Store and search for a suitable third-party application for your iPad. Typically, the best VPN app for iPad will have rave reviews from users and ample features to choose from. Some of the features to look for in a great VPN app included:

  • Security tunneling enhancements such as the ability to convert HTTP to HTTPS.
  • Virus, adware and malware protection.
  • Remote server connection across different networks.
  • Identity theft protection.
  • Social media integration.
  • Optimum up-time and affordable rates.
  • Free trials to allow for testing.
  • Simple easy to use interface.

Advantages of Using VPN apps for iPad

These applications allow you to access the Internet with relative ease. They also allow users to browse over private networks without necessarily configuring their devices repeatedly. Additionally, one can choose the specific VPN protocol needed, and access private email, files, and other online correspondence safely. VPN apps for iPad also protect private enterprise networks from hacking, phishing, spamming and similar intrusions from hackers.

Limitations of VPN Apps For iPad

An inherent risk of VPN is exposure to hackers if the security protocol is vulnerable. This can lead to loss of information, identity theft, or other undesirable activities from other iPad users. Moreover, VPN uses internet lines to access private networks. Thus, its reliability depends on the bandwidth up-time of separate ISP’s and hosting companies. This essentially denotes that reliability and availability of internet access is beyond your control. This unpredictable nature of performance can lead to unwanted inconveniences, especially for urgent online businesses.

You can access the internet from your iPad using various two major portals: WiFi or cellular network carrier. Sometimes though, private access to enterprise systems is necessary to send and receive confidential data.  This is why iOS for iPad is designed to permit Internet access via VPN and other customizable private networks. You can use the device’s inbuilt VPN, or download a suitable VPN app for iPad to enjoy this useful facility.