MTV.COM is a leader in music, and has also included an extensive list of shows over the years. With so many viewing options, there is something for everyone, and every music lover.


As a leader in music videos, the station began years ago, as a place for music. Today, you can also watch several shows, such as Real world and Road Rules, Teen Wolf, and several other reality shows; all this along with the music videos you have come to love. For those who want to watch online, you must be in the US to view the shows and music you love. You can stream on nearly any device, including smart phones, laptops, and other streaming devices. As long as you have an internet connection and are in the US, you can view the US based station.

What you need to watch

In order to watch MTV online, there is no subscription fee you pay; but, you do have to register to their site, as there are age restrictions in place. You also need a broadband connection, with the highest speeds, so that you can stream the shows you love, with no interruption. Since there are age restrictions for certain shows, you do have to be a certain age to register on the site as well.

How to watch MTV outside US

If you are not in the US, it is possible for you to watch MTV outside US. Since it is a US based site, you need a US IP address so that you can watch the shows you love, and the music you love, if you are not in the US. With a VPN, you are going to pay a low monthly fee, and you can have that US IP address.

List of Best VPN To Watch MTV Outside US

Visit Site
Private Internet Access
Hideip VPN
Express VPN
Vypr VPN
VPN Secure

Alternative: Smart DNS

Not only that, you receive unlimited bandwidth when you choose the right smart DNS to stream the shows that you love online. Even when you are not in the US, you can experience the shows you love, when you have the US based IP address.
Recommended Smart DNS Service: Trickbyte, Unblock us, Unotelly

If you love your favorite music videos anywhere, and if you want to stream the shows you love anywhere, you can get MTV if you are not in the US. Simply choose the right VPN or smart DNS service, and you will be able to do so, for a very low monthly price, and you can experience these shows wherever you are.

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