How to watch HGTV Outside US


HGTV is a great site for those looking for a home, or who enjoy watching DIY projects around the home; but, it is only available to those who are in the US.


The site produces a number of shows. From DIY jobs around the home, to house hunting, to shows about remodeling the home, you can see it all. With several great shows on TV, you can now stream most of them live online, as long as you are a member of the site. The site is based in the US, so those who are outside the US can’t watch; and, you can stream on any device from a mobile phone or smart phone, to tablets, or your laptop, as long as you are in the restricted region.

How to watch HGTV without cable

If you are obsessed with HGTV shows but do not want to get a cable connection, you can still watch them. You can fulfill your quota of gardening and home décor shows by streaming HGTV online. There are certain ways you can get a live feed and also have some ways through which you can get on-demand shows only. You can subscribe to online services like Hulu. It is pretty cheap. You can pay an extra $32 for live streaming too. Hulu offers not just HGTV shows but also many other channels. Another option is Sling TV.  You can test it with a free 7-day trial. After that, you have to pay $20 per month to get access to amazing channels including HGTV. Sling TV doesn’t have all of HGTV shows but you can request on-demand shows. DirecTV and FuboTV are other great options to consider.

Non-US HGTV and how to watch them using VPN

If you live outside of the US, you can access HGTV shows by any of the above methods. All you need is to connect to a VPN. Our top VPN recommendations include Nord VPN, Express VPN and CyberGhost. These VPNs will give you access to the channel by altering your IP address. You continue with the regular process after connecting the VPN. The devices and online streaming options remain the same.

Best TV shows on HGTV

On number one is Fixer Upper. Chip and Joanna Gaines go around renovating homes by putting their expertise together. Next in line is Property Brothers in which two brothers go around making houses turn into dream homes. The third spot goes to House Hunters which is the perfect show for people who are looking for guidance to purchase a new home. Flip or Flop is another amazing show where Tarek and Christina try to make profits off of not-so-valuable properties. Love It or List It is based around two interior designers who renovate houses. These are just the top 5 among the many good options available on HGTV.

Supported devices for HGTV

Once you have access to the content, you will need the right devices to stream it to your TV. You can use Roku. It comes with a Roku controller. It is travel-friendly. Chromecast is another easy to use device that plugs in to your TV. It syncs with apps like Netflix. You can stream videos from your phone on the TV as well with the help of screen mirroring. The device is controlled through your tablet or smartphone. Next is the Amazon Fire TV and Stick. It streams shows as well as has access to over 500 games. TiVo Stream is a box device that connects multiple devices to the TV. It allows direct downloads on connected devices. Slingbox works similarly to the TiVo Stream, except that it allows access to your local shows even when you’re away. WD TV is great for people with a wide selection of show choices. Lastly, Apple TV is also supported by HGTV.

Requirement to watch HGTV

In order to watch online, you do have to register to the site. You do not have to pay any membership or annual fees to watch, so anyone can stream, any of the shows they love, once they register to the site. You can either sign up through a social media site, or sign up directly through the site, in order to view the shows you love, and catch up on episodes which you might have missed during the week.

How to watch HGTV outside US

In order to stream online, you have to have a US based IP address; for this reason, you have to sign up to a VPN network, in order to watch outside the US. With a virtual private network, you receive an IP address that is in the US, and you can stream without anyone knowing where you are located. Additionally, you only pay a low monthly fee for your IP address, plus you get unlimited bandwidth, and can watch as many streaming shows as you want, on HGTV at any time.

List of Best VPN To Watch HGTV Outside US

Visit Site
Private Internet Access
Hideip VPN
Express VPN
Vypr VPN
IpVanish VPN

Like most other sites, limits the viewer base online to those who are in the US; for this reason, many can’t watch the shows they love online. But, if you are registered with a VPN, or a smart DNS service, you can watch anywhere, and watch the shows you love. With your US based IP address, you can be located anywhere in the world, and enjoy the shows that you love to watch, and the stations you love, right from your laptop or mobile devices.

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