How To Get Past Internet Access Geographical Restrictions With VPN For Overseas Users


These days, people travel faster and farther than ever before. Whether it is for business purposes or just visiting other countries, most of them take their mobile devices along, so that they can keep up with their friends and family at home, or even to conduct their businesses over the internet. While Android is the most popular mobile platform at the moment, one of the most common problems that Android users experience is that their internet access is often limited based on their geographical location. Numerous countries or smaller regions have been named by individual right groups to have very strict Internet censorship laws.

Internet Freedom has a Limit

There is a multitude of online service and internet websites that are governed by the officials of these regions, who are blocking them for everyone living or visiting these areas. This has a great negative effect on the freedom of mobile phone and tablet users throughout the world. Sites with restricted access fall into various categories, from popular social networks and search engines to video streaming and file sharing websites. While the government of these states claim that the restrictions are benefiting their population, strict restrictions are hindering the personal freedom of many Android users overseas. The users’ right to freely access information at any time or share information with their companions is a key part of their personal freedom, which should be guaranteed.

China is just one example of a country with a government that implements strict regulations regarding the Internet access. China’s government frequently limits the citizens’ access to numerous websites (for example, facebook and youtube), blocking many online services that are hosted in the US and UK particularly. Therefore, people living and working in China do not have too many options as far as unrestricted Internet access is concerned. As long as they are on the Chinese territory, they can only access the websites that are not restricted by the government, unless they find a way around these constraints.

Get Around The Restriction

The safest and most effective solution to get past internet access restrictions based on geographical location is to use VPN for overseas services. No matter what kind of device you are using to connect to the internet and what platform or operating system your device is using, you should easily find a VPN provider that matches your particular needs and requirements. Most VPN services are extremely reliable, so that you can use them 24/7 to gain access to restricted sites and keep your personal data and identity completely private and anonymous in the same time.

The way these services work is simple, yet tremendously efficient. Whenever you connect to the internet, the VPN provider creates a tunnel that is used for you to send and receive data through. All the traffic you send from and receive on your computer, smartphone or tablet is encrypted, and your IP address is masked by a completely different IP address, provided by your VPN provider. This allows you to appear as you are located somewhere else in the world, in a location of your choice, so that you can surpass any kind of geographical Internet access restrictions.

Best Overseas VPN

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