Ways To Unblock Newzbin 2 In UK Markets


Virgin’s media division has been the most current United Kingdom (UK) business enterprise to join others in blocking Newzbin 2 access via their system. Newzbin 2 is designed to equip those in their membership pool with free access links to music, TV programs, films, videos, and documents that are otherwise legally protected by copyright provisions.

Virgin is just the latest Internet Service Provider (ISP) to receive a Motion Picture Association (MPA) court order forcing the block. Competitors, British Telecom (BT) and Sky, have already been preventing connectivity since they received court-generated injunctions last year.

Interestingly, while Virgin Media did comply with the legal order, their reciprocating comment implied that such a site should not actually be blocked. Instead, the organization suggested that these legally protected materials should still be made available to viewers and listeners at a fair price that therefore encourages legal compliance.

Clearly, Virgin Media recognizes that people who want a way will find a way. What this means for their organization under these circumstances is that users will simply not subscribe to Virgin as their ISP for the duration of the time that they intend to access Newzbin 2. Ultimately, this can translate into permanent customer churn, once these users decide to avoid paying for multiple access points every month.

Of course, Virgin is absolutely right about this series of facts, and about the way it will potentially impact their subscriber base. Although finding methods to work around these access barriers may be difficult, the process is not impossible. Users have figured it out already. One of the avenues they have been pursuing in order to unblock Newzbin 2 in UK systems is through a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Newzbin 2 became popular due to the fact that it offers new search practices that are coupled with improved technological capabilities. Newzbin’s predecessor was a similar engine, but ran into legal challenges as well. In mid 2010, Newzbin 2 emerged, attempting to recapture the eagerly waiting market share.

Newzbin 2, and its technological innovations, have the ability to search and download metadata files. Metadata essentially speeds-up the downloading process, which has previously been excruciatingly slow. Naturally, based upon the almost limitless access to otherwise costly and restricted movies, TV shows, and popular music, Newzbin 2 has developed a significant membership contingent.

In fact, these legal matters and moves have served to strengthen the Newzbin 2 following, effectively offering-up a sizable cluster of intrigued newcomers. The far-reaching promotions, screaming through boisterous news coverage and an array of media outlets, have arguably been more compelling than any paid advertisements.

Efforts to connect to Newzbin 2 via an IP address in the UK result in a site blockage error message appearing to suppress the access. Therefore, VPN acts as a substitute to the existing IP address, and overlays an IP from another country in order to create an available conduit.

List of VPN To Unblock Newzbin

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