BlackLogic VPN Services Review

BlackLogic VPN

Blacklogic Feature:

– $15/month
– Virtual Locations in 7 Countries
– Various Types of VPN, Unlimited Bandwidth
– Windows, Mac, ,iPad/iPhone, Linux, Android and DDWRT Supported
– No Free trial, 7-day Moneyback

BlackLogic VPN Review

This BlackLogic review shall discuss the strong and weak points of this VPN service provider, based on different aspects of the service. BlackLogic is a Canadian company that was founded in 2006, and apart from providing reliable and secure VPN services, it is an IT security consultant as well.

Countries Supported

BlackLogic has a worldwide customer base, and presently the company has 86 VPN servers spread across 7 countries. 62 servers are in Canada, 10 in United Kingdom, 8 in United States, 3 in Netherlands, and one each in Czech Republic, Russian Federation, and Germany. This makes this service very useful for people who want to unblock content from Canada, US, and UK, and unblock sites like Pandora, Hulu, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Gmail, and many others. Switching between servers can be done as many times as required by the user, and there is no extra fee for switching.


All servers provide the service on VPN protocols such as IPSec/L2TP, PPTP, and SSTP.

Supported OS and Devices

BlackLogic has a wide level of compatibility and works with most of the popular devices and major operating systems. Connection to the service is possible with OS X, Linux, Windows, and through devices like iPads, iPhones, certain Nokia phones, and all Android devices. It is also possible to use routers that are working on DD-WRT.

Speed and Bandwidth

BlackLogic VPN services have unmetered bandwidth with quite good speeds. Usually, when you connect through VPN there is a loss in speed because of encryption, data routing and so on. However, BlackLogic has managed to provide speed at a decent level, as it has an excellent VPN server infrastructure. One can experience faster speeds particularly for P2P activities, streaming movies and online gaming, which makes this service very valuable for people who want to share massive files, and play games that are banned in their countries. Secondly, all the servers are always available, which means a user does not have to check in as a proxy, and that saves a lot of time.

Privacy and Encryption

One of the major advantages of BlackLogic VPN services is the maintenance of privacy and anonymity of the user. The company itself does not maintain any logs of activities of its users and does not monitor the Internet usage. Secondly, BlackLogic provides 128 to 2048 bits of encryption and your IP address is unlisted, which means a highly secure Internet connection that can bypass all ISP and government based restrictions. The encryption is quite powerful, which will prevent even your ISP from spying on your activities. This means users from any part of the world can now bypass all blocks and restrictions, access any website, watch popular TV channels, and movies, and play poker and other gambling games. It is also possible to maintain anonymity even when users have to connect from behind firewalls. Hence, connecting anonymously from school or work place is no longer a problem with BlackLogic.


BlackLogic offers quite a variety of pricing plans that are suitable for general and specific activities. The monthly plan with unmetered VPN is for $15 per month, which provides access to all servers, and works from anywhere. This plan is ideal for surfing and bypassing restrictions and getting access to blocked sites. If you are looking for more speed, there is the Premium VPN account that costs $50 per month, and is ideal for online gaming and Torrents. Maximum Torrent speed possible under this plan is 20 MB/sec depending on your ISP connection.

BlackLogic also provides a monthly VPN account for $75, which is ideally suited for playing poker. It gives an actual Canadian IP address, enabling the user to play poker from anywhere. For online gamers who prefer a static IP address, there is the Static IP VPN account for $20 per month; however, this does not support Torrents.

The annual plans offered by BlackLogic work out much cheaper than the monthly ones. For instance, the Annual VPN account is available for $100, which works out to about $8 monthly, whereas the same plan monthly costs $15. There are two other annual plans for $100, which come with preconfigured devices like a VPN Router, and Android TV box. The wireless router can be connected to iPad or Android tablets, and the TV box can be connected to a TV set, enabling the user to watch Hulu, BBC and many other video online streaming channels.

The cheapest VPN plan offered by BlackLogic is the Canadian VPN account for $40 per year, which provides access to Canadian VPN servers. With this plan, users can watch different TV channels such as GlobalTV, City TV, CTV, CBC, and many more.

Further reduction on the plan costs is possible with the use of BlackLogic coupons that are available on certain websites.

Trial Period and Money Back Guarantee

Black Logic does not offer any free trial period. However, if for whatever reason users are unable to setup or use their accounts, BlackLogic offers an unconditional money back guarantee, provided the claim is made within 7 days of activation date, and BlackLogic is unable to help users start their accounts.
One has to be patient for the account to be activated, as it is done manually, and activation can take up to two days.

Customer Support

BlackLogic has quite a good customer support system, available to users through phone, ticket system, email, live chat, and Skype. The live chat facility is available during office hours EST, and there are direct phone numbers in Canada, UK and US. However, the ticketing system and email is the fastest way of resolving any technical issues. Apart from all this, the company’s website also has a comprehensive knowledgebase, which provides answers to many issues.

Conclusion of BlackLogic Review

BlackLogic seems to provide quite good VPN services at affordable rates. The strong points of this company are decent speeds and a highly secure network, which provides excellent privacy and anonymity. The only things missing are certain apps that allow the user to perform speed tests and switching of servers. However, overall, BlackLogic provides good VPN services and has a satisfied customer base.

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