Philippines VPN Guide and The Best List of Filipino IP VPN

Philippine VPN

Local residents have a few different options for using the Internet with a Philippines VPN. Government regulations in this country block citizens’ access to certain websites, and using virtual private networks has become commonplace for frequent Internet users. Blocked access to some social networking platforms or websites with certain messages can be inconvenient at best and suppressive at worst. A VPN will free up web use and remove these barriers for citizens who want to access all available content online.

Best Philippines VPN with Filipino IP

Several Philippine VPN providers are available, and signing up for one of their plans is relatively straightforward. The average monthly fee ranges from $5 to $15 USD. Some of the most well known VPN providers in the Philippines include Hide My Ass, VersaVPN and more on the list below. A few of these plans may come with customer contracts and penalties for early cancellation, so buyers are advised to read the fine print first.

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Why Use a Philippines VPN?

Blocked sites in the Philippines often contain objectionable political views or express disagreement with certain religious views. Dissent or criticism against the government is often censored as well. Web users who go online to read the news can therefore miss out on reading fair and balanced news stories. Residents who want to watch movies and TV shows from overseas definitely need a VPN because standard access to many entertainment platforms is limited. The Philippine government restricts access to many popular sites from the US and UK, including BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Netflix, ABC and Veoh. You can also use Philippine vpn for secure your data while you are using public wifi hotspot or hotel wifi.

Logging into a VPN

Once a new customer has arranged a paid VPN subscription, he or she then receives a unique login ID and password needed to access the network each time. Network vendors recommend that their customers memorize this login information and avoid sharing it with other people. Accessing the unblocked Internet requires users to pull up the VPN login page, and many find it convenient to create a shortcut to this page on their computer desktops. Access is often temporarily suspended in cases of missing or late VPN payments, so many vendors offer automatic payment options to avoid this problem.

Using VPN Software

Virtual private network technology works by hiding users’ IP addresses or masking them so that they appear to originate from another country, often in Europe or North America. VPN vendors also include robust encryption that makes detecting a user’s true online identity challenging for anyone examining web traffic. The typical end user network access point gives web users a choice of several different overseas IP addresses to use after they have entered their login information.

Philippines VPN software and payment plans give residents access to a free and open Internet. This technology bypasses government restrictions and allows for unrestricted anonymous web use. Many Philippines locals purchase a VPN plan along with their basic Internet service provider access plans because they feel the local regulations are not worth the inconvenience and do not allow them to enjoy the same content as users in other countries.