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If you have to go back between a home and work Internet connection and are worried about transferring or losing valuable information, a solution is to link together a network using a virtual private network. A VPN allows you to access a network from a separate location without having to worry about the complexities of remote dialing or security issues. Using a static IP VPN allows you to get hold of office network data from anywhere in the world that can receive an Internet connection. Best of all, these VPN services allow you to access it on your laptop, smart phone, or netbook.

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Sometimes it’s called dedicated ip vpn. Static ip vpn is a little bit more expensive than normal vpn but this could help you more in the term of security.

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What are the advantages of using a static IP VPN?

Imagine you want to work from home, or want your employees to have the option of working from home. In order to ensure that access to office information is available without complication, so that there is no need to physically be present at an office terminal, the best solution is to set up the network so that it can be expanded. Previously, the only solution to expanding a network would be to give the administrator permission to open holes up in the firewall that would allow entry. This, of course, greatly increases the risk of corruption or data loss. Worse still, the only way to access it may have been to dial into the network from a phone line, ringing up a massive long-distance phone fee.

Today, a static IP VPN projects a business network all over the globe. This means that any employee can get access to information on computers within the company, can set up to print or send a fax from miles away, and use inter-departmental programs or communications just the same as they could at work. A static IP VPN tends to be more costly than individual VPN services, with fees running around twenty dollars per month (compared to five or six for an individual’s VPN). Many businesses, however, are able to write off this cost given the time and effort it saves their employees.

It should be noted that a VPN will not work seamlessly in the same sense of working from an office terminal. While a corporate Internet connection can be extremely fast, a personal connection rarely is. Given that an office network will use LAN rather than a direct cable line, their connections are several times faster than an individual with a Wi-Fi modem. So a VPN does make accessing information slightly slower, depending on the speed of individual connections as well as the upload speed of the office network itself.

A smaller office system may run their static IP VPN through a simple router. They can then run the individual computers from the outside and wire each one into the network individually. Some computers can automatically connect to VPN in addition to an Internet IP, others cannot. It is also possible to link two or more physical sites to one another with a static IP VPN so that each one is connected to the other.