How to Watch Unblock Sky Go Outside UK


The Sky Go is known for providing a wide range of channels for the UK residents. This means that you cannot watch it while outside the UK. However, with the use of the VPN and DNS Proxies, you will be able to your favorite channels from Sky Go. To watch it, you will need to unblock it, which can either be done by the use of VPN or the Smart DNS proxies.

How to watch unblock Sky Go outside the UK by use of VPN

The use of VPN in unblocking the Sky Go is one of the most suitable ways to watch all your favorite channels outside the UK. By the use of the Virtual Private Network (VPN), it will always indicate that your internet traffic on the new server. This will be used to spoof your location, hence it will show that you are within the United Kingdom. In this case, you will need to use the UK VPN server. Below are some of the pros and cons of using VPN in watching the Sky Go while outside the UK.

Best UK VPN to unblock Sky Go outside UK

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Despite the fact that VPN always works properly on all the SKY GO supported devices, anyone who wishes to use the VPN in other given devices, you will require a router that is VPN enabled. This is because several devices may fail to support the Virtual Private Network by default. With this, you will still be able to watch the Sky Go outside the UK without your location being identified.

Using the VPN is very safe since your network can’t be inspected or interrupted. This is because all the internet traffic will be encrypted, hence you will watch without any disturbance.

When using the VPN, you should expect a 10% lower speed on the internet. This is something that applies to all VPNs irrespective of the one you have chosen on. This is because all VPNs will always lower the speed to 90% of the normal speed.

You can always use the US VPN servers as the US content is provided. There are different USA VPN servers like the Netflix, WWE Network, and Hulu Plus that you can always use to watch Sky Go outside the UK.

Lastly, when using the VPN, you need not to worry about the ISPs that is known to interrupt the DNS. The VPN is resistant to all the ISPs, and this means that the VPN is always reliable and convenient means to watch the Sky Go outside the UK.

For top-notch services, you need to find the best VPN provider that can support a wide range of devices like iPad, iOS, Mac/PC, iPhone, and Androids.

How to watch unblock Sky Go outside the UK by use of DNS PROXY

Besides the use of VPN, you can also use the DNS proxy to watch the Sky Go outside the UK. The DNS Proxy works differently from the VPN as it will only redirect the related traffic to identify your location.

The DNS proxy will unblock different regions at once. This, therefore, implies that you will be able to watch multiple channels without having to change the configuration. For example, it can unblock the Netflix, Hulu, WWE network, ABC Go, and Fox.

When using the DNS Proxies, not all the traffic will be re-routed. This is because there is no bandwidth speed that hits.

Changing the Netflix regions is very simple when using the DNS Proxies. It will only require a drop box to enable you to change the region, hence very reliable and convenient.

When using the DNS Proxy, you will always find it very elementary to set-up all the network devices. This is because all the devices are supported and this makes it an excellent way to watch the Sky Go outside the UK. It supports many devices not supported by VPN and some like the Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Smart TVs.

The only challenge you may experience when using the DNS Proxy is that it is weak against the Transparent proxies and DNS Hijacking. This, therefore, implies that in case you network applies to any of these, you can always use the VPN.

These are the two simple ways to enable you to watch the Sky Go outside the UK. They are the best ways you can always rely on for reliable services. Based on your taste and ISP, you will always be able to find the best way to unblock Sky Go while outside the UK.