Purevpn Review

Purevpn Feature:

- $6.95 per month
- Servers in 45 countries
- Unlimited Bandwidth. PPTP, L2TP and IPSec VPN
- 3 day money back guarantee
- Windows, Linux, iPod, iTouch, Android, Boxee
- Android & iOS App Available

PureVPN Price 2014

- Special offer 65% off


PureVPN Review – Putting PureVPN Under The Microscope

The rise of identity theft and other types of security intrusions in the cyber-world have made it necessary for website owners to seek for data encryption services. A VPN company provides encryption for all data exchanged over the Internet to prevent security issues such as data mining and identity theft. PureVPN is a leading company in this field. Like other VPN companies, Pure VPN further provides anonymous surfing from any location through servers that act as a proxy.

Launched in 2006, PureVPN has gradually grown into a leading company in the VPN industry. It is a popular choice for many due to its high quality of service in terms of speed and reliability, great customer service, and quite affordable prices. Its efficiency is based on an international reach through servers in sixteen countries worldwide. The firm provides value and great service for its customers in a wide choice of plans ranging from 30 GB a month VPN access to unlimited access that comes with a dedicated IP address option. Other options provided by PureVPN include port forwarding and full support of DD-WRT routers.


PureVPN provides a number of cost effective plans according to VPN protocols, bandwidth, port forwarding,  and DD-WRT support. Protocols supported include PPTP, SSTP, and L2TP vpn.  Please see above for latest price.

PureVPN provides a 3 day trial account for just $2.50, which includes unlimited VPN access. This is important for anyone wishing to test drive their services.

Countries Supported

PureVPN has servers in 45 countries including the United States, Australia, Brazil, UK, Canada, Ireland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Panama, Romania, Sweden, Luxembourg, Singapore, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey, and Malaysia. In the U.S. the main servers are located in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Sayreville, and Las Vegas. In the UK, VPN servers are located in London and Maidenhead. In Canada the servers are in Montreal and Kelowna. In other countries, the VPN servers are located in each of their capital cities.


In as far as protocol is concerned, PureVPN does not have open VPN and therefore provides fewer servers than companies with open VPN. Pure VPN works with PPTP, L2TP, and with IPSec VPN. These protocols provide users with the ability to surf the net and connect to all networks without fear of compromising their security, privacy, or anonymity. PureVPN service ensures that both cable and WI-FI connections take place in a secure environment. With PureVPN, you can stay rest assured that all your online transactions involving personal and financial information such as credit card numbers and email addresses are conducted safely. Furthermore the service does not limit activities such as IRC chat or P2P.

PureVPN’s Customer Support

Perhaps the only drawback in PureVPN’s great customer support system is the lack of telephone contact with the customer care representatives. However, the company has an efficient 24/7 support system via email Q&A, a special live chat, and remote desktop access that allows a technician based at the company premises to access your computer in case of a problem. They also have a responsive ticket system available in all major languages. PureVPN’s support system is quite efficient with fast response times and promptness by a very knowledgeable staff.

Money Back Guarantee

The company provides a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services. However, the guarantee is only for three days which means that refunds are not provided three days after your order is processed. This is somehow a smaller timeframe but the refund, within 3 days, is unconditional without any questions asked. In all practicalities, 3 days is sufficient time to verify if the company’s services suit your needs in terms of speed, cost, and reliability.


In 2014. Purevpn now has unlimited bandwidth and data transfer for all plan


According to the official PureVPN review, many customers are satisfied with the data speeds offered by PureVPN. The company’s VPN servers provide secure access at speeds higher than 40 Mbps. The company also provides 99.99% uptime rate as well as 1 GBps speeds. Unlike with ISP providers, PureVPN does not have limitations on speed for all types of traffic.

Supported Devices

PureVPN servers support most types of commonly used devices such as iPads, iPhones, iPods, smartphones and all other mobile devices in the market. It also supports other hardware devices with the latest operating systems such as Android, Nokia, Boxee, DDWRT router, and Windows Mobile. This means users can stream and watch videos and actively participate in social network sites without fear of censorship or intrusion of privacy. Other communication applications such as Skype and Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) are also supported by PureVPN.

Mobile App

PureVPN also has iOS and Android app.

Download Purevpn iOS APP for free at app store here.

Download Pure VPN Android here

Supported OS

The company’s VPN can effectively support a number of operating systems such as the Windows range including Windows 7 and Windows Vista but not lesser versions. It works perfectly with other OS such as Mac OS X, and Linux versions including Ubuntu and Fedora. In short, PureVPN practically works well with all online devices and operating systems.

Free Trial

PureVPN does not provide a free trial, however, one of the reasons the company has continued to attract customers in droves globally is the offer to try out the VPN offering for three days at a cost of $2.50. The trial provides customers with unlimited access to the system before they can decide to invest a full annual purchase of any of the company’s plans. However, the trial $2.50 does not come with a money back guarantee.


Overall, PureVPN provides great service at an affordable cost. It has servers located in major international cities across the world for efficient and uninterrupted service. It has fast speeds with little limitations on traffic and provides multiple features such as the option to have a dedicated IP address. With 3 days of unlimited access for just $2.50, you can test the service to see how it suits you before investing in one of their cost effective plans.

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  1. Steve

    Let me Start off by saying that I have tried many VPN providers and so far purevpn is the best. I’m saying this because of addons like smartdns, dedicated IP and my favourite ddos protection. There are times when their service is slow but ninety percent of the time it’s good.

  2. Cuong Nguyen

    Never use PureVPN, stay away from them. They are sucks. My account disabled permanently. They limited login sessions and further more, user can’t check how many sessions. That mean user is blind, then they can disable any one. Then contact support, only get reply “please first reply to this email, concerned deptt will assist you accordingly” after 30 mins waiting, so what online support using for? My business hurt, all my customer complain.

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