WorldVPN Review – Get To Know More

World VPN Review

WorldVPN Feature:

– $9.95/month
– Virtual Locations in 33 Countries
– PPTP,L2TP Supported with Limited Bandwidth
– Windows, Mac, ,iPad/iPhone, Linux, Android and DDWRT Supported
– 1-hr Free Trial, Refund Available After 3 Days


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A Comprehensive World VPN Review

World VPN is a Virtual Network Provider (VPN) company which provides reliable and fast VPN service. It basically provides PPTP/ L2TP_ Virtual Private Network Services. The company was founded in 2006.

World VPN masks the IP of the person who is surfing the web so that they can surf anonymously and prevent hackers or any other people from tracking their browsing history. The VPN also enable people to assume any IP from which they can access websites which would otherwise have been blocked in their countries. One, thus, does not have to worry much about their geographical location- when using World VPN- as it can get around firewalls and access a variety of websites (even those not accessible from that geographical location).

Countries Supported

This VPN currently serves over 33 countries; among them being: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada,Czech,Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, Ukraine,USA and offers over 50 (fifty) VPN- Virtual Private Network- servers in those countries and around the world.


World VPN costs and average of $6 per month, but it has different packages costing different prices depending on a number of factors. The different packages go at different prices depending on: the bandwidth, the type of IP one is using (shared or dedicated) and the location of the serves. Of course people purchase/ subscribe to whichever package meets their needs best.

Below is a short summary the prices for different packages/ plans:

  • The Starter Plan, which has a bandwidth of 20GB 256bit encrypted and has 33 country server location costs $9.95 per month
  • The Open VPN Plan, which has a bandwidth of 20GB 1024 bit encrypted and has 33 country server location costs $9.95 per month
  • The Dedicated Plan, which has a bandwidth of 20GB and has only one country server location (dedicated IP), costs $15 per month
  • The Unlimited Plan, which has unlimited bandwidth but has shared IP server location in 33 countries, costs $14.95 per month


WorldVPN supports PPTP and L2TPLike every other thing, World VPN has its demerits or down sides. These are: its inability to support SSTP VPN and its inability to support Open VPN. It, however, supports dedicated IP (such as those used to host important security tight systems/ sites- like government sites, PayPal and other online payment sites-) and shared IP.

Money Back

One important aspect about the World VPN is that though it offers a free trial period of one hour before one can subscribe to any package, it does not have any money back guarantee. One can only hope that it works just fine for them. It is, however, cheaper than other VPNs- going at a minimum of $5 per month and would thus not be considered such a loss- were it to start acting up.

Traffic & Bandwidth

World VPN provides bandwidth of 10GB, 20GB and unlimited bandwidths. Packages for the above bandwidths can be available in one or all the countries served by the World VPN; this also determines their pricing.


World VPN is not only cheaper, but very fast too. It supports 100 mbps bandwidth; enabling one to download, upload and surf the web at a high speed and not have to wait- longer than necessary- for pages to load. It also offers a service of 128-bit encryption to secure our internet connection. Its speed may, however, be limited by one’s strength of service from their provider or the traffic (number of people surfing the web at that particular time).

Positive Uses

Since the world has become quite global and digitized, one can access a lot of and almost any information from the internet. Surfing the web, however, may be inhibited by barriers placed by some governments, limitations by geographical location and or unauthorized access of people’s information among others. World VPN enable people to surf anonymously (by encrypting their internet connection- to avoid unauthorized tracking of one’s browsing history-) and access blocked sites.

Supported Devices and Supported OS

World VPN works with a number of devices- computers, iphones and other gadgets- which have Windows, Linux or even Mac OS as their operating systems. One can learn how set up PPTP VPN in Linux from the provided tutorials.

Free Trial

As with many other virtual private networks, world VPN does have a free trial period accessible to people before they subscribe to any package. The free trial period is usually timed to one hour and is geared towards enabling people test if it (World VPN) works on their servers. Again, this one hour free trial period serve to proof to the potential World VPN user of the uses and effectiveness of the VPN.

Customer Support

World VPN staff assist potential users of the service with any information they may need about how to download the software, set up, use and purchase packages which best suit their needs. The information can be obtained from the website (on their landing page) or one can click on the ‘chat’ tab/ service at the bottom of their page for a live customer care support chat. The free trial is also a good opportunity for potential users of the VPN to access as much customer support as they want as well as to try its free chat services.


World VPN offers fast and reliable VPN (no connection problems) to enable people surf the web safely. It is easy to set up and use; to access sites which would otherwise have been blocked/ prohibited in their countries or those which could not be accessed in their geographical locations.

Whereas it is a good thing that people can access blocked websites or surf anonymously, it is important to note that World VPN does no support any illegal activities that would be carried under its masking, neither does it take responsibility for crimes committed by people (behind it).

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3 thoughts on “WorldVPN Review – Get To Know More

  1. Never buy from them!!! They are scammer and cheater!!! I asked for a refund due to terrible service they provide, but they deleted my account and support tickets and never answer me!!! Never trust them!!! Scam!!!

  2. Outstanding VPN service! I use the PPTP connection on my Win7 home pc and OpenVPN on my Arch Linux and EVERYTHING works fine! The technical support it’s simply perfect, the speed is awesome even if you connect to far away servers! I had a problem in my school ’cause they were blocking every port outside except the 80 and 443 but with OpenVPN you can connect via port 443… that’s lovely!

  3. I had a great time in Dubai I was there for one month on business and everything was pleasant. The only real hassle about the place is the internet restrictions they have couldnt access most of the sites I usually can back home. Luckily I found this service called WorldVPN which help solve the issue cheaply and easily! Thank you for that!