IVPN Review

IVPN Review

IVPN Feature:

– $15 per month
– Servers in 4 countries
– L2TP, OpenVpn, and IPsec
– No free trial, 7-day money back guarantee
– Windows, Linux, Mac, iphone, ipad, Android
– No dedicated ip.

IVPN, The Answer To Network Privacy Protection

Many service providers offer privacy for Internet surfing and use. However, this IVPN review will reveal information about true privacy protection. IVPN is passionate about security over the Internet. Founded in 2009, IVPN.net focused on the fundamental right for users to have much more control over their data and access on the Internet. VPN services are provided in the US, United Kingdom and China.

Company Description

IVPN is the new answer to privacy protection on the Internet. Security professionals are committed to providing you with not only privacy but also enhancing your freedom on the Internet. The only requirement to sign up is a valid email address. There is no need for personal information. This way you remain anonymous.

This VPN offers no logging. What does that mean to you? It means that data is securely removed after 5 minutes. The 5 minutes give tech support the opportunity to troubleshoot. Tech support can make sure that everything stays in working order. The reason this is important is that no data is ever maintained for any length of time and your privacy is protected. The best privacy protection for your network is not a boast but a reality.

Prices and Free Trial Offer

Prices are competitive. IVPN is not just looking for your money. Monthly prices begin at $15, the quarterly rate begins at $40 and the annual price begins at $100. The 7-day free trial offer gives you a no-risk opportunity to test the services offered. There is no contract. Therefore, you are committed to only what you need for how long you need it. Not only is the privacy important but the cost is as well. Reasonable prices for optimum services provide great deals for networking needs.

The servers used by IVPN have multi-hop technology. Countries utilized with the multi-hop technology include the USA, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and France. These gateway servers provide IP addresses that hide your


Military grade encryption is used to protect you. There is no interception of your sensitive information and data. Your confidence in knowing that you are protected from hackers, identity thieves and others looking to capture information about you is important to IVPN.

OpenVPN is the standard for open source networking space. The significance here is that it utilizes mature encryption protocols such as SSL/TLS. The data encryption process includes several different cryptographic algorithms. These include 3DES, AES, RC5 as well as Blowfish. Extreme security is obtained with the use of 256 bit keys.

Because OpenVPN is not included in any OS release, it must be installed. It is user friendly and the installation is really quick. This means there is another level of security for your virtual private network.

Customer Support

Customer support is excellent. The 24-bour help is a given as well as live tech support. What makes this service much better is the turnaround time. Your help tickets will be answered in less than 4 hours. This means no long waiting times for answers to your questions. It also means you do not have long lag times from working. The professionals have extensive knowledge so that you are back in business in no time at all.

Of course, online support includes FAQs and other information that you have access to make sure you get complete understanding of the services. Any and all policies and terms are also available online for your review. The key element in customer support for IVPN is that the customer knows they are first. It is our goal to ensure privacy and security for your network needs but also to make sure you feel supported. This ensures trust and loyalty.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the services, you have the option to request your money back. This process is limited to first 7 days the account is active. It is appreciated and important to know the reason for any refund request. However, it is not mandatory. While the intent is to make sure all client needs are met, there may be a few clients where this may not be possible.

Traffic and Bandwidth

There are no restrictions. With this feature, it is important that you have the choice to use your connections fully without additional charges. Download limits put a damper on what you are trying to accomplish. You have none of that with this service. Fast servers are needed for you to have that sufficient bandwidth.


Speed is an important issue when it comes to using the Internet. The OpenVPN does provide the best performance when it comes to speed using the UDP mode. The only place where speed is compromised is when using the TCP mode for unreliable connections.

Supported Devices

Supported devices include your computers and laptops. In order for IVPN to be the best in virtual private networks, other device support is necessary. That means the iPad, iPhone and android devices are also supported. Your network mobility is just as important as your stationary choice.

Supported Operating systems

Choices and flexibility means that the operating systems were an important consideration. Windows, Mac and Linux are the top operating systems used and they are all supported. The Android is available through third party application.

IVPN is in the business of providing you with the highest level of security for Internet activity and networking. Anonymity should be your personal choice and it should be a reality for you. The services offered by IVPN make sure that your sensitive data is not available to hackers, thieves and other users seeking personal information.

OpenVPN offers the features you need for fast, reliable and secure service. The feature to run on any port via UDP or TCP is one that insures services to more users meeting various needs. The encryption process is extremely high level. And the multi-hop network option is available only when connecting to OpenVPN. This means that the services offered by IVPN are exclusive. The security professionals who developed this network standard had you in mind for the best in VPN privacy.

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  1. I’ve installed iVPN on my PC and my laptop but can’t get it onto my Nexus 7. The icon is there but nothing happens when I tap on this. Please help!