How To Watch Summer Olympic 2016 Online For Free – Step By Step


Many sports fans are about to watch the 2016 Olympics in Brazil. Apart from tuning into the local TV station or radio channel, it’s possible to watch the Olympics online. During this period, if you are travelling to Brazil you might not be in a position to watch since many websites and channels will not be accessible. This is will be done by blocking users via the IP address. All is not lost now that we have the Virtual Private Network (VPN) smart software which is the solution to this problem. It works by giving internet freedom by not showing the origin of your Internet traffic. It transforms your IP address to an anonymous IP address through the available servers.


Where you can stream summer Olympic 2016 for Free

All you need is a computer, tablet, iPhone or a smart phone that uses windows, Linux or android as the operating system. Secondly you need internet connection and VPN software then you will be able to watch the Olympic events with no hassle. Through this innovative technological solution, you will be able to access all your online activity while you browse anonymously. Your internet traffic will be routed through overseas servers such that if anyone tries to monitor you, it will be impossible to identify your location. A VPN works like a firewall by protecting the data travelling between the people using the computer through a safe internet connection. As you enjoy watching the Olympics you can be able to unblock restricted websites and bypass content filters.

How To Watch Summer Olympic 2016 Online Step By Step

  1. Sign up for vpn service. If you don’t have one. You can pick any of our selected vpn services below
    Visit Site
    Private Internet Access
    Hideip VPN
    Express VPN
    Vypr VPN
    IpVanish VPN
    IB VPN
  2. Connect to preferred vpn server. For example,
    If you like to watch English version of Olympic. You can connect to US serverand then go to NBC sport website or Connect to UK and go to BBC sport website
  3. You can use vpn to watch on smart phone and tablet via app as well.


Through the VPN software, user’s online footprint remains a secret where he or she has the choice to browse the internet from the other country. Furthermore it’s more exciting that you will be able to access websites that other people who reside in that country cannot. The secret behind this software is that it comes with IP addresses from different countries such that you will be able to change to your own IP address without any difficulty. It gives guaranteed confidentiality where no person or institution can be able to detect your online activity hence giving maximum security of your internet connection. Secondly, no traffic logs are kept giving you peace of mind.

Other Benefit of VPN

The VPN comes with very fast connection with the capability of streaming videos for free. It is quick and easy to install. It is so simple that anyone can use its features for torrent download and sharing of files. The software can be downloaded and installed in minutes allowing you to watch the Olympic Games immediately. With this state of the art technology, you can watch any other sport or sports channel you dream of once you download the software. As you enjoy yourself, it will be possible to keep in touch with your loved ones via Facebook, twitter and any other social site.

You will be able to access geographically restricted content through an online security solution. The VPN software will make sure traffic is encrypted and highly-protected with reliable servers while in Brazil. There’s no need to upgrade your hardware. If you have the VPN software with you in just a few minutes, you’ll be watching the Olympic events with ease. If you experience any problems you will get the necessary assistance. Get the VPN software now at a pocket friendly price and watch the 2016 Olympics for free.

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