Roku box vpn

Many Americans can currently enjoy TV shows and other programming from sites such as, and a Roku box device that can be used for effective streaming for these very popular sites. The use of a livelink such as will provide instructions to a user.

Unfortunately, these sites are not available to those traveling outside of or living outside of the United States. However, when you log into these sites, both will check if you are actually located in the US before you are able to begin stream and you will be informed immediately if you are not able to do so. Neither of the above sites is available outside of the United States, as both these services will require a current US IP address. A Roku box device will not be effective as it cannot be connected directly to the Internet and cannot be directly connected to a router where it would in effect be using an IP address from outside the US to connect to an IP address inside the US.

How to use Roku Box VPN to watch Hulu or Netflix

In relation to legal issues, it will be necessary to check your country’s current legislation in relation to use of these services. Fortunately, a Roku Box VPN provides a wonderful solution. VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. This will connect the user to a server that will then act as a linchpin between the user and the service. If connection to a server is successful and is read by such sites as being inside the US, streaming will be successful as VPN allows your real IP address to be hidden and will show an IP address under the Roku Box VPN.

As the box does not contain a VPN client as such, you would also need a wireless router or a flash router. A Roku unit cannot be directly connected to the Internet as such. A Roku box may also ‘go through a PC’ which will mean that the VPN is providing effectively a kind of tunnel. For this Internet Connection Sharing may be used. So Roku will connect to a PC rather than to a router. Visit for steps in relation to sharing.

  1. INPUT – the modem is connected to the Internet Service Provider in the usual way.
  2. OUTPUT – the modem port is then connected to the WAN port.
  3. The router’s LAN port is then connected to a wireless or wired link.
  4. The computer is then connected to the Roku unit, which can in turn be a wired or wireless link.

The VPN connection must then be set up and you will need to follow the software vendor’s or provider’s instructions in relation to this.

Again, In relation to the use of any product or service mentioned above, please note that it will be necessary to check your country’s current legislation in relation to use of such products and services.

Best Roku Box VPN

Since you need vpn router to use with Roku box. So here the vpn services that supported all vpn routers.

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Vypr VPN
IpVanish VPN

Alternative: Smart DNS with Roku box

You can use smart dns like Trickbyte with Roku without all complicated structure above. Bypassing all ge0blocked channel like netflix and hulu. However, Smart dns is not vpn, but in the term of streaming, smart dns is better.