How and where to watch US Open Tennis 2016 anywhere with vpn


US Open Tennis is about to begin on August 29th – September 11th 2016. Do you know where you can watch yet?

US Open Finals 2015

Have you ever wondered how and where to watch US Open with VPN? For the fans who love watching the game live, but can’t due to the restrictions based on geographical areas here is the solution to your problem. VPN is a short term for virtual private networks. Just as the name suggests, the VPN systems allow you to access private networks regardless of whether they are geographically restricted or not. The VPN services hide the IP address of your computer and give you more privacy and security while browsing the internet.

The VPN services show your location in another place that you desire to be. For example, if you want your location to be detected in the United States while you are in Britain, you can use the VPN software to change your IP address and show your location as United States. Using VPN services to change your location is advantageous because it allows you to access services that can only be accessible to inhabitants of certain regions. Most games shown by the US sports channels are not accessible outside the United States.

You can watch US open with VPN outside the United States
You can watch your favorite sport now if you have VPN ready.

How and where to watch US Open anywhere with VPN

Step 1. create your account
If you don’t have a VPN account, you can create one easily on the internet. You just google the VPN you require and create your account. It takes five minutes to create and to confirm your login details. In our case, we recommend the Hide My Ass because it has a wide variety of servers, and the speeds are impressive. Or you can select one of our best vpn service below.

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Step2. Login and download the VPN app or software
After creating your account, You just need to log in and download the VPN from the online sources and install it. After installing the VPN, you put your login details and choose your server. In this case, the server is in the United States since we need to stream the game from US-based channels. Make sure your VPN is on to make it effective.

Step 3. choose the channel you want to use
Remember that not all channels in the United States show the US Open games. The owners of the channels pay a significant amount of money to acquire the license of streaming the matches. Therefore, you need to choose the right channel that allows the live streaming of US Open matches. The Tennis Channel or ESPN are some of the best channels recommended for live streaming the US Open games. The companies are licensed, and their streaming services are fast enough.

Where you can watch US Open Tennis

USA = ESPN, Tennis Channel
UK = Sky Sports
Europe = Eurosport
Sub Continent = Ten Sports
Australia = Fox Sports
Middle East = beIN Sports
China = CCTV
Japan = WOWOW

Remember that some of these channels require you to create an account before accessing their live streaming service. Creating the account is easy and will not take much of your time. Some channels also require you to pay a small fee to access their service. If you are a real fan of the US Open, you will not find the small fee oppressive.


Now you know how and where to watch US Open anywhere with VPN. The greatest advantage of VPN is its cheap cost and easy installation.

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