How to watch Star Sports outside India in the USA


If you are in India and East Asia, then you probably know about Star Sports. It is an online streaming service where you can watch football, on demand cricket and other parts free of charge online. To watch the star sports free of charge on the service while outside India, you will be faced with a challenge of geo-blocking. You need to use a smart DNS or VPN if you like to bypass the geo-blocking and watch your favorite premier league free of charge on star sports. The Smart DNS will hide your location from Star sports system hence making it possible for you to access all sports you need to watch provided on the services. This can be among the tactics you can utilize to watch games online free of charge.

How to watch Star Sports outside India in USA

Have an internet connection

To use the DNS services to unblock the content, you need to have an internet connection. The DNS does not interfere with the speed of your browser in any way. If you are in the USA or any other location where you have high-speed internet connection, then with the right DNS you will enjoy watching your favorite streaming services free of charge. The DNS eliminate errors which will pop up warning you of the unavailability of the services in your given area of operation. With the right DNS configuration, you can access several other services which have been blocked according to their geological targets.

You need a streaming device

It does not matter the type of streaming address you have, with smart DNS you can stream on any device irrespective of its operating system. You can access star sports via Apple TV, iPhones, Android, iPad, Roku, smart TV or even Amazon Fire TV. If you have a streaming device, there is no other investment you need to make before you can start enjoying the streaming services.

Choose a VPN which allows you to unlock star sports

The type of VPN you will choose will dictate the type of channels you can unlock. If your main aim of buying a VPN is to access star sport streaming services, then you need to check on the smart DNS and confirm whether it allows you to unlock star sports services in East Asia and India. If you like to access the star sports services as well as other streaming services, look for a VPN service which offers all the channels you need to unlock. Sign up for the VPN after you ensure it is right for you to install.

Best VPN to watch StarSport

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Download and install the VPN app

For you to access all settings of the VPN app from where you will enjoy the change of IP services, you need to download and install the VPN. The process is simple. Just follow the steps. Always go for an app which will be compatible with your preferred streaming device. The India IP address you will set on your device will make your device internet settings read your location as if you are somewhere in India. This can affect your local services which are geo-blocked to your current location. In such a case, you can just enjoy streaming while using Indian IP, but when you will like to access such local services which are geo-sensitive you can just disable the IP. If you like to access the star sport on devices such as Apple TV and chrome cast, then you need to buy a VPN enabled router.

Some people feel VPN can expose them to security challenges, but that is not the case. The VPN services are created to assure you excellent security when browsing online. The encryption used makes it very hard for any online hacker to access your confidential information. Some people feel the IP affects their internet speed; it does not necessarily lower the speed, but the encryption can make you feel the speed is a bit low. There are several VPN service providers available. They vary on features which come with them. Before you pay for any VPN service, always take your time and compare different service providers and choose one which will make it possible for you to access a given list of streaming services which geo-blocking has made hard for you to access while outside India or a given geographical location.