Bada VPN – How To Set Up VPN For Bada

Bada VPN

Samsung’s new mobile platform, Bada, is meant to enrich the smart phone experience, however, certain things are still lacking in terms of VPN connectivity. Before you set up VPN for Bada you will have to decide the tunneling protocol you would like to use. If you want to use PPTP VPN, there is very poor support, as the connection will be through Microsoft PPE (Point-to-Point Encryption). We suggest you to use l2tp vpn for your bada phone.

Best Bada VPN

Before we continue. You have to purchase vpn service first. You can pick one of them below. They are reliable and solid vpn companies that trusted by many users around the world. They support both pptp and l2tp.

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Here are steps you can follow to setup VPN on Bada

Step 1
Go to your Home screen and tap on Menu, which is usually placed at the lower right hand corner.

Step 2
Tap on Settings and from the options that open, select Connectivity.

Step 3
In the Connectivity menu, amongst the several options presented, you need to tap on VPN.

Step 4
The screen will now show the present status of VPN on your phone. If you have not set up any, it will show No VPNs. At the bottom of the screen, you need to tap on New.

Step 5
The “New” screen will present the various tunneling protocols available for VPN. As mentioned earlier PPTP has poor support, and hence you may not get any encryption. This will be seen in the later steps. If you want good encryption, select “L2TP over IPsec VPN”.

Step 6
The screen you see now will depend on what protocol you have selected in the previous step. However, certain fields like Name, VPN server, User name and Password will be the same. In Name, you will have to fill in the name of your VPN provider. In the “VPN server” field, fill in the name of the server. Fill in the User name and Password as you have set for this particular provider.

If you had selected PPTP in the previous step, then it is best to turn off the Encryption, otherwise it is likely to cause issues. However, remember that your VPN traffic is no longer protected. When you have chosen L2TP or other protocols, you will be given more fields like Auth type, Pre-shared key and so on. These fields need to be filled as per the instructions of your VPN provider. After filling the required fields, tap on the Save button.

Step 7
Now go back to the VPN screen that you had reached in Step 4. If you have done the set up correctly, you should now see the name of your VPN provider on this screen. Tap on this name, and your phone will try to connect to your provider. Once the connection is established, you will see “connected” status next to the name of your VPN provider. You will also see a key icon on the top status bar, which is indicative of a VPN connection. You have now successfully connected to a VPN service and can proceed with your work.

There are several providers of VPN for Bada, and you have a choice of various VPN tunneling protocols as well. Carefully select a protocol according to the level of encryption and privacy required by you.