Thailand VPN – The Importance Of Thailand VPN

Thailand VPN

Despite Internet filtration, Thailand VPN continues to enjoy tremendous growth. VPN market players in Thailand have greatly benefited from the users migration from first-rate connectivity such as ATM and frame relays, to low-cost connections. The increasing demand of premium-grade connections has been slowly stifled by surplus charges. VPN service providers in Thailand are advised to offer their clients add-on services if they want to remain competitive and relevant in the market. Just like in most parts of the world, VPN is used by large enterprises to come up with wide area networks (WANS) spanning huge geographical areas. This provides site-to-site connections for all their offices and also allows potential clients to dial up the company LAN. However, the use of Thailand VPN is majorly used to bypass government internet filtration. Using VPN for illegal activities in Thailand could lead to prosecution under the computer crime act.

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It is impossible to control the fundamental government policies concerning internet censorship in Thailand. However, it is very possible to bypass the filtration and access the internet incognito. This can only be done through Thailand VPN. It is a sad thing that the Thai government is concentrating on stopping the use of the internet rather than investing in its advancement. In 2007, YouTube was reportedly banned for four months by the Thai authorities for allegedly hosting offensive content against the Thais. According to the Freedom against Censorship Thailand (FACT) group, the Royal Thai Police and the Information and Communication Technology Ministry (ICT) have banned more than 70,000 sites. This is done in Bangkok in the ‘War Room’. The main reason given by the authority is that these sites contain content that is goes against the reigning monarch. Internet visitors in Thailand are treated to loads of truncated content instead of the colorful websites that they seek.

Thailand VPN is the only way out for Thais who want to surf and enjoy the internet in its entirety. Established VPN service providers help internet visitors to circumvent the censorship. All you have to do is to set up and configure a VPN gateway on your computing device. After successfully completing this step, you get to choose a server location of your choice. This will instantly connect you to an IP address that is resident in the same server. These simple steps mask your original IP address from the filtering tools. If the filtering tools cannot track your original IP address, they cannot be able to block you from accessing your preferred sites. You can then go ahead and engage in unrestricted surfing of the Internet without fear of being identified and slapped with penalties.

A good number of Thailand VPN service providers offer services that guarantee you of complete anonymity. They make use of internationally-acclaimed VPN protocols such as OpenVPN, SSTP VPN and PPTP VPN. Lastly, ensure that your OS and/or device support VPN. There are VPN services tailored for Symbian, Macintosh, Linux, Windows, Android and iOS platforms. Seek out a service that matches up with your OS platform, device and lifestyle.