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When you move to a new country or live in a region where some websites are locked you will definitely get frustrated. You may be used to watching certain tv shows and programs but the website has been regionally blocked. This is the case with most websites. They are available in the US but when you move to another region be it Africa or Europe you may find that the websites are no longer available. The good thing however is that you can bypass those restrictions that have been imposed on that region and you will be in a position to access the sites that you want.

How It Works

When we look up addresses our browsers will contact the DNS and use it to learn the IP address of the server that is hosting that website. The browser will then use this IP address to locate the server hosting the website and it will ask for permission to access the website that is being hosted on this server. The server will then carry out a couple of checks to determine whether the browser should be able to access the website. For countries where the website has been regionally locked the browser will be unable to access the website.

The DNS unblocking service will supply the IP address of a server that is not subject to regional checks and this will enable you to access those websites that had been locked.

DNS Services VS VPN

VPNs are able to bypass checks by tricking the server that hosts the region locked website that you are accessing the site from a region where the website is supported. The server carries out the checks on the VPN server rather than your browser and after passing the checks you can now access the websites from anywhere.
DNS is however different in that instead of supplying a different server from your browser it will supply you with an IP address that will not require a region check.

Pros and Cons

There are many pros when it comes to using DNS for unblocking. They include;
1. Speed. DNS does not slow down the speed of your internet connection at all.
2. No data caps. Some VPN services impose restrictions on the amount of data you can download or upload. DNS however does not impose such restrictions since you are using your own internet connection.
3. Works with almost all internet connected devices. DNS is compatible with almost all devices whereas VPN will fail to work on most.
4. You do not have to change settings with each regionally locked website.
5. DNS services are much cheaper than VPN services.
6. It is easier to set up DNS than to set up VPN.
7. You do not have to install any software.

The Cons of Using DNS services include;
1. There is little privacy when compared to VPN.
2. There is no increased security and you are still at the same level of risk.


The DNS unblock service is a very good unblocking service for those who do not want to experience the speed limitations and complications of VPNs.

Introducing Unblocking DNS Service

We are proudly present our new service. You can use TrickByte dns to watch your favorite channels anywhere in the world! No speed loss.


What Channels does support?

  1. Netflix in US, UK, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, Mexico
  2. Hulu
  3. instant video

What Devices do TrickByte support?

  1. Browser
  2. iOS devices
  3. Android
  4. Xbox 360
  5. PS3
  6. Wii
  7. Roku

Do I have to flash my router like I have to do with vpn?

– No.

Do I have to turn off/on for visiting normat website?

No. You don’t have to turn it off nor remove it. You can browse other website like you normally do. Your represent location will be your local ip. Only supported channels will redirect.

How much does TrickByte cost?

– Free. How nice of it. but this is only limited of time.

Very Nice. Where can I get my free account?

Go to to get your free account now.


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