Internet Safety with National Expert at Natick High School

Internet Safety Natick

Natick High School was held the event called “digital conversation to digital citizenship” at 7th May 2013 beside Trend Micro, the Natick Education Foundation and Anti-Bullying Coalition as a supporter. This event was about how to use internet safety in the field of children. Many nationally renowned experts were invited to give a great knowledge to all parents.

Children are the most worth asset of the nation and valuable members of society. In the future, they are the ones that hold the bright future of the country. So, it is important to protect them from the fear of crime or becoming victims of crime. As the development of world technology, it allows children to find and reach easily to new sources and experiences. It opens and expand to different cultures and ways of life which are good and bad information. There are some websites trying to sexually exploit children through online services and internet. They will seduce children with kindness, affection, and free gifts however, to finish this process they are devoting a lot of time and energy to their target. As well as, some websites will directly have a sexually explicit conversation with children by trading child-pornographic images or video chatting via online contacts.

This is a very important responsibility for parents and school to work together and understand that how to use internet safety. Children can become victims in both ways directly and indirectly through conversation such as social chatting rooms or sending sexually explicit images. Parents should be aware that offenders can be anyone no matter what are their sex or age, even their caste. The internet is a wonderful technology for children such as researching for school reports, chatting with teachers or friends, and play games. Otherwise, it also comes with hazards, that is why parents have to keep eyes  on their online activities.

This event was prepared and created by based on actual investigations. It was given information on protecting and internet safety for children by

  • Dr. Peter Sanchioni, Superintendent of Natick Public Schools
  • Lynette Owens, Trend Micro, Global Director, Internet Safety for Kids and Families
  • Ann Collier, Editor, Net Family News and Co-Director,
  • Larry Magid, Co-Director of, CBS News/CNET Technology Reporter, founder of and
  • Mia Doces, Committee for Children, Second Step Curriculum, and New Ventures Management
  • Brook Oberwetter, Facebook, Associate Manager of External Affairs for Policy
  • Del Harvey, Director of Trust and Safety, Twitter


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