IAPS Security Review

IAPS VPN Feature:

– Start from $11.95 per month
– Servers in 189 countries
– PPTP, L2TP, SSTP,  and OpenVPN
– Unlimited Free trial, 2-day money back guarantee
– Windows, Linux, iPod, iTouch, Android, Boxee

IAPS VPN Review – Shinning The Spotlight On IAPS VPN

Overview And/Or Company Description

Even though IAPS VPN is located in Delaware, United States, their servers are hosted in various locations all over the world. Arguably, their servers are some of the fastest in the business. IAPS is focused on opening up the world of online TV through online TV streaming. This is well reflected in their product offerings such as French TV, American TV, German TV and Switzerland TV. Others include Italian TV, Irish TV, Canadian TV and British TV. Just like in other IAPS reviews, it would be unfair for this IAPS VPN review not to mention that IAPS is the service provider of choice if you love your online TV. Video streaming ranks highly among bandwidth guzzling applications. For this reason, there are only a handful of excellent service providers who offer this service. Keep reading to learn more about why IAPS is one of the best service providers in this space.


IAPS has numerous product offerings and plans. The rates depend to a large extent on the country of purchase. For those residing in the United States, they get to enjoy access L2TP/IPSec, PPTP and SSTP protocols and monthly billing. The product packages offered to this demographic include the $19.95 monthly plan, the $49.95 three-month plan, the $ 79.95 six-month plan or the $109.91 annual plan. However, not-for-profit organizations and active military officers get to enjoy IAPS VPN services for free.

In the UK, some of their most sought after plans are the twelve month UK VPN, which goes for $65.97, a one month British online TV plan that goes for $29.95 and a six month British online TV plan that goes for $41.97. Both the first and last online TV plans carry a massive 40% discount. Others include the three month UK TV plan that goes for $39.95 and the 12 month UK online TV plan that goes for $59.97 also with a 40 percent discount.

Countries Supported

Nearly every IAPS VPN review out there points to the fact that IAPS is the provider of choice if you are in search of a company with a wide global reach. IAPS has over 170 countries in its ambit. Nations that boast of advanced technological knowhow such as the US, Canada, Australia, UK, South Africa and the European nations are all covered by IAPS. The company is currently experiencing growth and has launched servers in Western Sahara, Laos and the Christmas Islands.


IAPS supported VPN protocols include L2TP/IPSec (this protocol is available in both 128 and 256-bit), SSTP (AES 256-bit-a new stealth service that is able to override all firewalls and filters) and PPTP (a 128-bit encryption that is ideal for TV streaming and general surfing purposes). When you combine this with the more than 170 countries in its fold, IAPS has a wide offering indeed. The different packages are purposely created for different regions.

Customer Support

IAPS VPN has excellent customer support. Their customer and sales support team is extremely knowledgeable and helpful at all times. Their support library is quite comprehensive and well defined. Their impressive forum covers all VPN and associated topics that are to be found online. The customer support is readily available, well responsive and highly qualified (they are well versed in MAC, Linux, Novell, Microsoft, Cisco and CCNA). One of the most annoying things is to sign up for an online service only to experience difficulties reaching customer support when faced with hiccups. IAPS also takes pride in its Skype service which is among the best in the country. This fast tracks the answering of all client queries.

Money Back

IAPS offer a 100 percent 2-day money back guarantee on all their VPN services specifically to clients who may not be satisfied with their services and products offered. Their money back guarantee has served to attract many new signups. You can pay via Alertpay, PayPal, Moneybookers and any major credit cards such as Discover, Visa, American Express and MasterCard.

Traffic & Bandwidth

IAPS VPN is built for optimized video streaming which is one of the most bandwidth-intensive applications in the business. They have excellent quality, buffering and throughput. IAPS VPN is based on the P2P traffic protocol. Its servers are capable of very high speeds—1000Mbps dedicated bandwidth. Traffic is encrypted at the 128-bits level which enhances the network’s safety and security further.


Once you purchase an IAPS VPN plan, you get access to the more than 170 servers spread throughout the world. The VPN auto-dialer enables you to select your VPN destination country in a fast and convenient way. This feature comes at no extra cost and also enables you to switch in between countries. IAPS boasts of excellent speeds in all their servers. Their individual server speeds are as fast as the original internet connection. The speed results are particularly impressive for their SSTP protocol. Users are recommended to use this protocol for unlimited, secure and impossible-to-block VPN connection.

Supported Devices

IAPS VPN is compatible with a wide array of devices. Some of these include the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, tablets, kindle vpn and other mobile phones/devices that run on Android operating system. With IAPS VPN, you do not have to worry about having a non-compatible device.

Supported OS

An IAPS VPN review is not complete without an OS compatibility review. IAPS is compatible with Windows XP, 7 and Vista (32 and 64 bit) as well as Mac OS. It is also compatible with a vast array of browsers such as Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome. The loading time and speed is quite impressive across the board.

Free Trial

IAPS VPN offer a free trial vpn. There are no time restrictions, no data restrictions, and no bandwidth restrictions and no ads as well. If you like IAPS service you should consider buying it. Click here to see details


IAPS VPN is a reliable and high speed service provider. This service is best suited for people whose primary use of the VPN network is video streaming and who do not mind buying access to a single country at any given time. The company offers excellent customer service support and it lives up to its reputation in terms of security and reliability.


  1. Remi

    I contacted their customer care asking how many users are assigned the same IP address and if it was possible to get a dedicated IP. I got back a very rude reply saying he isn’t interested in wasting his time with me. This guy is a douche and totally unprofessional. How much did he pay you to write this review?

  2. plr ebooks

    Frequently I can’t understand content in blogs and forums, however prefer to declare that that write-up really required me to take a peek with and also do it! The producing flavor is stunned my family. Thanks a lot, pretty great write-up.

  3. joe

    iaps support is terrible – its a 1 man show and from the moment I started talking with Jared he was a condescending prick…I’d +1 on staying away from IAPS – if you have any problems good luck getting responses from Jared

  4. Mark Thompson

    I can second that Teodor, I have been trying now for weeks to get hold of there support with no avail. Changing sstp Vpn to OpenVpn without telling me ect. ect. .. That was the last straw for me, Goodbye IAPS -Mark

  5. Teodor

    If I’ll take your review about IAPS customer’s support and turn the sentences into negative once, only than it will be true. I am suing their services for almost a year and I can definitely say that: IAPS VPN has no customer support. Their customer and sales support team is never helpful at knows nothing of what customer support means. They are always rude and arrogant. Their support library is way outdated. Their “impressive” forum covers nothing useful. The customer support is never available. One of the most annoying things is to sign up for an online service only to experience difficulties reaching customer support when faced with hiccups and IAPS just proves every time how true this is. IAPS also takes pride in its Skype service which is among the best in the country except nobody is answering to any of the support request made through Skype. Their support is non existent. In my case out of 6 months of services, for one month I was not able to use what I paid for. Of course their is no refund in their case. STAY AWAY. Despite their exotic servers what their are offering is useless, not working and you’ll end up paying a lot of money for nothing…

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