How To Watch Fifa World Cup 2014 Live For Free


Where to watch Free Fifa World Cup 2014 Live

There are many countries that stream live world cup 2014 for free. However, streaming is blocked for user ourside their country. No matter you are citizen of those countries or not. Even though you can find where to watch the game in local but it’s not in your language. It’s no fun at all

Get Them Unblocked

Where I can watch Live World Cup 2014 For Free

There are many sites that you can watch Live games. Here are the example.

1. BBC (UK)
2. Tvplayer (UK)
3. (Germany)
4. (Germany & Switzerland)
5. (Canada)
6. (France)
7. (Netherlands)

How To Get Them Unblock

1. Smart dns: there are many smart dns to help you unblock those websites and watch live game anywhere. Here the list of top smart dns services. – 14 day free trial then $2.99/month – 7 day free trial then $4.99/month – 14 day free trial then $4.99/month

Pro: smart dns won’t slow down your speed. You can connect directly to streaming server. Smart dns also supports device like tablet and game console and media player.
Cons: smart dns won’t work with hotel wifi, public wifi, any isp that has transparent proxy. Unfortunately, many of isp in the world has transparent proxy. If you are on this kind of network. Please read on

2. VPN: vpn has built for the better term of security. but right now. People use it for unblocking website. Here the list of top VPN services

Visit Site
IpVanish VPN

Pro: VPN supports all kind of internet. Hotel wifi, public wifi and any isp. No matter they have transparent proxy or not.
Cons: Your speed might slow down if server is overcrowded. You have to switch server until you find a fast one. However, some vpn has the speed meter for you. So you don’t have to manually find it.

Now I have signed up for service. Then what?

1. Smart dns: after you have verified that you are able to use smart dns. Set it up on your device and click on live link that we provide at table below.
2. VPN: set up vpn on your pc or tablet. Then pick country server that match your target website. Afterward, click on live link that we provide at table below.

World Cup Football 2014 Schedule

Click on live link to watch the game directly
To see the game in your time, please visit fifa page and click on “change to your time”

Time (GMT+7)
1 Tuesday 10 July,2014 Semi-Finals

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