How To Choose A VPN For Multiple Devices


One of the main concerns of small and medium sized business owners is securing their computer networks against unwanted intrusions. Nevertheless, different businesses have different security needs, so you have to consider what your exact requirements are and choose a VPN service provider that is right for you. Chances are that you have more than one computer with sensitive and confidential data on it, so the first criterion for the VPN provider would be to offer a multi-device package. Then, you can go further and define your other priorities, making sure that the specific VPN service plan you choose matches all your needs.

Another important aspect to consider when choosing VPN for multiple devices is the level of access. While some businesses only need to use this kind of service on a limited basis, when performing financial transactions or other sensitive operations, other firms may need it for every connection, on a daily basis. So take some time to determine whether you can settle for a limited bandwidth VPN account of you need unlimited access to the VPN servers for non-stop privacy and security. Keep in mind that the first version may help you save some money on a monthly basis.

Next, you should decide on the level of security needed by your business. If highly sensitive data is exchanged on your computer network between your employees, you might want to choose a VPN package with a high level of security. When such sensitive documents are handled by your internal network, a 256 bit encryption level is the minimum you are allowed to choose. If however you only want to encrypt personal data and keep it out any prying eyes that may intercept it, a 128 bit encryption should be sufficient.

You should also keep in mind the purposes you need VPN for multiple devices for. You may want the data encrypted so that you protect it against hackers and thieves, or you may occasionally want to appear as being located somewhere else, just to see how your website shows up in various countries all over the world. Moreover, if you are a business person who travels frequently, you may need the VPN service to appear as you are sitting in your own office at home while travelling abroad. Whatever your purposes are, make sure you choose a VPN provider accordingly.

Last but not least, you will surely be interested in comparing the various prices offered by different VPN providers. Nevertheless, you must not forget the old saying — “you only get what you pay for” — so try not to be too cheap when it comes to the security of your own business. Of course, you would not want to go too far either and spend a fortune on this necessity alone. After all, keeping your business profitable is all about minimizing your expenses while maximizing your profits, so make sure you know how much you afford to spend for the VPN plan and then go find one that suits all your requirements.

Most of vpn providers allow 2 connections at the same time. No matter devices you use. Pc and phone, Mac and iPad, etc. Click here to see vpn comparison table