How to change Netflix country with VPN



If you like to unblock or change Netflix country, then Netflix DNS proxies are the best ways to tackle the problem. When searching in Netflix library, you can end up being surprised to discover your favorite show is not available. It is a common problem which faces many people especially after traveling with their fully loaded US Netflix devices. Netflix offers services which are targeted to different regions. For example, your favorite shows in the United States may not be available after you travel to other locations such as Germany or India. Even if you had paid for all the services while you were at home, you would not access them because Netflix has just blocked them using their geo-blocking mechanism. You will quickly unlock them through the use of a smart DNS or a VPN service.


Netflix has launched country-specific services. In January 2016, it announced that it would crack down on users who use proxies or smart DNS services to unblock geo-blocking mechanism put in place. The service providers went on and cracked down on most VPN and smart proxy services. An error started popping up in the users who were using the proxy services. The error was warning people to stop using VPN or proxy services. After the updates, you were only left with two options.

  1. To stop using a proxy or DNS hence stick to content which is made available in your given region. If you consider it is boring to watch content in your specific area yet you were used to your favorite shows at home,
  2. Option of using a more powerful proxy service provider. Although Netflix made it hard to access their services via proxy, there are some proxy/vpn service providers which are smarter.

Which VPN can bypass Netflix Proxy error at the moment

As of November 2016, There is only one vpn service that can bypass Netflix Proxy error and that one is…express vpn

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Express VPN

Why you need to change your Netflix country

Netflix USA offers more shows than any other state. If you will like to access more shows, then going for USA Netflix will serve you better. Another reason why you can decide to go for a proxy is due to your experience with services in your country. For instance, if you are a professional and you have traveled abroad, then the country Netflix country change makes it possible for you to continue enjoying your favorite shows.

Steps to change Netflix country with VPN

Download a VPN app

The first step is to search for the best VPN service provider and download the app. The process of downloading the app is very easy. After you download the app, set the IP up on your device. You can have the app installed on Android, PC, Mac and Apple devices. The installed app offers you options where you will choose your preferred VPN country. If you like to access Netflix from a country such as the USA, then you need to set your VPN to the USA. If you like to switch to a country in Asia, then you will just change your VPN location to Asia, and you will access the services. VPN encrypts all your traffic and data hence making the Netflix service provider read your site as if it is in your preferred location.

How to change Netflix country on smart TV and Apple TV

In this case, you need to use a smart DNS. You will have to change your DNS service on the router, and everything will work well for you. This is necessary because a smart TV or Apple TV does not have IP address which you can change via the VPN services. When trying to change your location VIA DNS changes, you need to be careful. Not all DNS providers will allow you watch all USA channels. The DNS does not affect your internet speed. You will watch your favorite channels at a faster speed just the way you used to stream. There are no bandwidth penalties or any other hidden resections. The DNS makes the service providers read your device as if it is streaming from their intended location. With DNS and VPN services, there is no show you will be restricted from watching on Netflix due to your geographical location. Compare different VPN service providers and go for the best. With the right VPN and smart DNS, you will enjoy unlimited entertainment on Netflix.

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