Fast VPN Service Around The Globe

fast vpn

If you want a fast VPN service you are not alone among all those people and businesses that are separated from their networks geographically. Achieving a VPN connection is not satisfying if slow service causes annoying hiccups. This is particularly bothersome if you are trying to browse the web or view streaming video via your VPN.

If you are new to the VPN concept or you have forgotten the basics, the acronym stands for virtual private network. These are secure connections that use the Internet to transmit data. They are particularly important for businesses to connect geographically distinct branches but private individuals also make use of these networks if they do not feel comfortable accessing the web through unsecured points.

A VPN works because you encrypt all the data that your computer sends to the VPN. The encrypted data is then sent out, in the open, to the distant location. Received data is similarly encrypted. This protects vital business information as well as personal information that you do not want a nosy government or other entity reviewing as it travels back and forth form your computer.

Some of the Fastest VPN Services

The VPN services described here are some of the fastest. They provide both security and efficiency in their transmissions. They are not listed in a particular order.

  • Pure VPN offers an attractive deal. You can try it out for free for three days. In fact, you can even test its speed without subscribing even conditionally. Some websites will let you test the speed with which it will serve your specific computer. Pure VPN offers more than one level of services, with one package containing more security than others.
  • Express VPN is a personal VPN service that supports a wide variety of protocols. The speed of Express can also be checked via various websites. It is known to sometimes slow down due to traffic encryption. It is compatible with a number of devices, including smart phones as well as laptops and computers.
  • Overplay is available in 25 countries. While their connectivity is rated highly, a big draw for this VPN company is its customer service. Their agents are available to help in French and English. If you have questions, you can reach them via email, chat or phone. The software is so easy to use, though, that you might not need to call them very often.
  • With Switch VPN you get a decently priced service that is growing faster than any other. One reason for that growth may be the whitelisted IPs with which they provide their customers. They are also very versatile, allowing customers to switch between shared IPs and dedicated lines.
  • VyprVPN stands out from many other VPN services because it supports all the major operating systems. Whether you have Linux, Windows or Mac, you can get quality service from VyprVPN. Like others, it offers two distinct packages with different security levels. However, their customer support is limited to support tickets and email, which may frustrate many people.