Tunnel Bear VPN Review : Easiest VPN to use ever


TunnelBear VPN Feature:

– Only $3.33/month
– Free 500MB vpn every month
– 23+ countries available– Super Easy app to use
– 5 Devices at the same time
– P2P is not allowed

Tunnel Bear Pricing

TunnelBear.com VPN – Very Easy VPN to Use

Tunnel Bear is a provider company of very moderate and professional VPN services with a focus to provide quality services to those who know very little about them. They have implemented some more advanced functions in this regard to help the people requiring them for their specific needs. On the whole TunnelBear offers valuable services in a very funny and attractive manner to the users of its apps like TunnelBear VPN. TunnelBear VPN is simply an app that helps in unblocking the websites and browsing on the privately. The TunnelBear VPN review provided in this write up will help you in understanding it more precisely.

Price of TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear offers its VPN services at a much discounted price with monthly and yearly options unlike various other VN service providers as its discount increases with the time you stay signed with it. They also offer a free version Little Bear which allows you to use it like their Grizzly and Giant plans but with limited downloading capacity of 500MB. While providing its services at a very competitive and lowest price in the market, TunnelBear compromises very little on the quality of its services. While using their free version then by tweeting about them you can get additional downloading limit for 1 GB. But while using this app regularly the downloading capacity of 1.5 GB gets exhausted very soon as it is normally used by people for watching TV programs and listening to the songs of their choice. You can unlimitedly upgrade your account at the rate of $5 per month or at $49.99 for a year to use its high quality services throughout the month or year.

Countries supported by TunnelBear VPN

Though the introduction of internet has connected people all over the world by breaking the barriers of communication but certain companies have erected barriers on their properties on the basis of their location. The non-availability of the web services of Pandora, Hulu, Google Music and Google Voice are not available out of US and of Grooveshark and BBC Player out of UK are some of its examples. Similarly the uploading services of YouTube are blocked in various European countries for various reasons. TunnelBear supports a network of 354 VPN servers spread around the world across 23 countries including:

  • Canada
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Spain
  • Australia

Protocol of TunnelBear VPN

TunelBear supports a network of VPN servers in the United States and the United Kingdom to allow the users in enjoying the programs of their choice which were banned by their producers. It is very easy to install and use on your system. You only have to toggle between On and Off and US and UK to enjoy the programs of your choice effectively. The multiple VPN protocols supported by TunnelBear include L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN. Those who are not familiar with the basics of OpenVPN can safely get connected through MAC and PC. Its compatibility to mobile devices including iPad, iPhone and Android devices is made possible by extending the services of L2TP/IPSec.

TunnelBear also offers performance testing facility to its users in the US and the UK. They can test the downloading and uploading speed of their internet connection after connecting their devices to their respective TunnelBear VPN servers.

Customer support

Most of the users of TunnelBear VPN services support them confidently as they work as per their exceptions. It is a lightweight software app which enables them to access the banned websites for the countries US and UK just by the click of a button without any lag. They also like this app due to its extremely high speed and ease to use. It can be used even by a completely ignorant person as does not need any technical setting.

Money back policy

TunnelBear offers no money back guarantee or refund against the failure of their services as they guarantee to satisfy their customers without fail. Non-availability of any refund or money back guarantee makes Tunnel Bear VPN different from a number of other VPN service providers. It is the top VPN service because they guarantee to provide very smooth and break free connectivity to its customers.

Traffic & Bandwidth

Signing up on TunnelBear VPN for free service allows you to get the bandwidth of 500 MB which can be extended to additional 1 GB by tweeting about it. But it can provide limited traffic to your device as 1.5 GB bandwidth gets exhausted very soon if used regularly. In order to receive unlimited traffic to your website you will have to sign up for paid services at the rate of 5 Dollar per month or 49.99 Dollar per year.

Supported Devices

TunnelBear VPN supports almost all the internet enabled devices including the devices compatible to Mac, PC, Android and iOS operating systems like Windows and other mobile devices. You can also use your TunnelBear VPN account for downloading the programs and music of your choice on TV boxes like Chromcast d Apple TV by setting up user friendly manual configuration available on the official website of TunnelBear.

Supported OS

The software of TunnelBear VPN can be officially downloaded free of cost for any of the devices running on Mac, PC, Android, Linux and iOS operating systems according to the convenience of their users.

Free Trial

No free trial is required while signing up with TunnelBear as they are extremely user friendly as they offer free plan for TunnelBear VPN services. It allows you to download the programs of your choice up to 500 MB with out paying a penny. You can also extend your free downloading limit for additional 1 GB by tweeting about them. So you can have a great experience of free trial with TunnelBear with out any hesitation.


Thus after going through the TunnelBear VPN review provided in this write up it can be concluded easily that TunnelBear offer a great and high speed VPN service to its customers through a number of VPN servers so that they can download the TV programs and music of their choice on different types of devices compatible to different operating systems.

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2 thoughts on “Tunnel Bear VPN Review : Easiest VPN to use ever

  1. Yeah that’s right! Free MBs shrink at top speed, probably they want users to pay ASAP 😀 How about the cheapest VPN to use ever 😉 I use Hide My IP ($2.95/month) gives full access to all IPs in over 90 cities worldwide, Smart DNS Proxy service, ad one subscription can be used on 5 devices simultaneously.

  2. One caveat- I tested free tunnel bear, and watching one minute of a lo-res youtube cat video cost 25MB. That is surely incorrect. So, it makes me wonder how they meter their usage.