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The Federal government has introduced the law and data breach notification in the parliament and will be enforced in March next year.

This policy let the organizers to notify the Federal privacy commissioner when data breaches occur and affect consumers and media.

According to SC to Canberra, Federal Attorney General Mark Dreyfus, he said that the law will have an effect in March next year. Also, he added that the privacy alert will come into force as well.

This law is a very useful measure so it is welcomed by the whole community.

SC obtained the exposure Draft privacy amendment (Privacy Alert) Bill 2013 this month and marked confidential and the company that don’t secure data of breaches will face civil penalties.

It is possible to see the organizations that are liable for data breaches affecting outsources don’t do anything to secure their data. These offenders face fines ranging upto $ 340,000 for individuals or      $ 170,000 for maximum penalty of last month $220,000 and $1.1 million respectively.

Small scale offenders are taken to court and fixed up $ 34,000 for individuals and $ 17,000 for organizations. It is unclear whether the Federal government would give some time for companies to adjust themselves to this enforcement law.

Source: http://www.scmagazine.com.au