Proxy Vs VPN: Which Provides Better Security?

vpn vs proxy

The difference between proxy vs VPN is always a hot topic among computer users who want to keep their information on the web secret and secure. However, there are times when a user is torn between the two options. To understand the two, understand the pros and cons of each.

Proxy Pros

Using a proxy server allows you to connect to the Internet without revealing your information. In short, you remain anonymous over the Internet. Therefore, you can access sites that are barred from your country and give comments to blog posts or forums without letting anyone trace your location through your IP address.

In addition to the anonymity provided by the server, you have a lot of free options to choose from. Although there maybe paid servers that provide better services, you have tons of free choices to make. Simply use the search engines to find a good provider and begin browsing anonymously.

Proxy Cons

There is basically no encryption service provided by a proxy server. In the proxy vs VPN battle, this is where the proxy server loses. Information you send through the server can be intercepted. Therefore, it is not wise to use a proxy if you are sending sensitive information.

Indeed, a lot of proxies are free, but they can be too slow and unsecure. It may take a lot of time to find the best proxies to use as well. If you want to always have a fast connection, using a free proxy is not a good option.

Another disadvantage is the requirements you need to fulfill to use the service. You are either required to download a certain piece of software or fill out a survey form. This can be very irritating especially if the downloaded software contains a virus. Unless you fulfill the requirements, you can never use the free service. In the end, the service does not seem to be free after all.

VPN Pros

A virtual private network allows you to connect to the Internet securely because every communication you send or receive is encrypted. Whether you are in a public WiFi area or Internet café, you are rest assured of the security of your connection.

The speed of connection is also quite fast as compared to proxy servers. You do not have to fill out surveys or download any software. In addition, you can always enjoy safe and fast access to computer networks and websites.

VPN Cons

The disadvantage of the VPN service is its cost. If you want quality connection and speed, you have to pay more. If you run a business with many computer users accessing the network, the service can get really expensive as well.

Proxy Vs VPN Verdict

When it comes to network connection security, VPN is still better in many ways than that of a proxy server. VPN is reliable, fast, and secure. Just remember to find the best VPN service provider to ensure quality connection at all times. When choosing between Proxy Vs VPN, always consider the security of your connection first.