Linksys EA3500 Wireless VPN Router

Linksys EA3500 App-Enabled N750 Dual-Band Wireless-N Router with Gigabit and USB

Linksys EA3500 App-Enabled N750 Dual-Band Wireless-N Router with Gigabit and USB

– Dual-band wireless supports high bandwidth applications such as video streaming or file sharing
– Wireless-N technology uses multiple radios to create a robust signal that travels farther and faster, with reduced dead spots.
– Two spatial streams (2TX and 2RX) for 2.4G band and three spatial streams for 5G band (3TX and 3RX).
– Up to 300+450Mbps Wireless Data Rates. 1 x 10/100/1000M WAN; 4 x 10/100/1000M LAN

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Linksys EA3500

If you want to browse the internet, you are required to have a lot of things that can be used along with the computer. These are the things that connect the computer to various locations in the cyber world and one of these is the router. The Linksys EA3500 is one of the popular brands of router that you can have in order for you to be connected to the internet.

Who Could Buy/Benefit from this Product?

People who are very engaged in browsing the internet are the individuals that can purchase this item. Offices and other establishments that use a lot of computers that must be connected to the internet should also buy this product to effectively connect all computers to the cyber world and to one another.

Product Description

The said product is composed of a lot of features that any other brands don’t have. In fact, this is a dual-band wireless product that can support applications that are high bandwidth. These applications might be file sharing or even video streaming. This is a very good product that can possibly give a lot of benefits to users.

Product Features

  • This is dual-band wireless and can support a lot of applications such as file sharing and video streaming.
  • It has multiple radios that can create a stable signal without having dead spots.
  • It has two different spatial systems that are 3TX and 3RX for 5G band and 2TX and 2RX for 2.4G band.
  • It can accommodate up to 300+450 Mbps data rates that are wireless.
  • WAN of 1 x 10.100/1000 and LAN 4 x 10/100/1000.
  • It measures 2.6 by 12.8 by 10.1 inches and weighs 1.4 pounds.


You will have a lot of advantages if you use Linksys EA3500 as the router in your location. This is a very cheap product compared to other brands of router. The radios installed in the said product are another advantage that you can benefit from. The product has two radios that can effectively gather reliable signal without having any dead spots. This is also a very lightweight router that can be easily carried by the users from one place to another without having difficulties.


There are also some disadvantages that you can get in using the product. But, all of these disadvantages are very easy to solve and only minor.

Customer Reviews and Scores

It is very obvious in the reviews made by customers that they’re satisfied with the features of the product. Because of this, they rated Linksys EA3500 as a five star product. The customers mostly said that the use of this product can help people in having a stable and reliable signal of internet. In fact, they recommend the router to every individual who wants to have a great signal of internet.


The Linksys EA3500 is now used by lots of people worldwide. This is due to the features that are present in the product, which cannot be found in other brands out there.