How To Make VPN Faster


You may have a VPN for gaming or for your business.  No matter what the reason is, you want your VPN to operate at faster speeds.  Every user wants to get the most out of their VPN connection and if you are not familiar with the methods to speed up your connection you might be tired of your network running at slow speeds.  If you are ready to find out how to make VPN faster, you have come to the right place.  By reading below, you will learn how you can speed up connectivity with one VPN connection per server.  Read these how-to tips and you are sure to notice the difference in your connectivity.

Have a Terminal Server Across Your Connection

One of the main reasons why VPNs do not operate at faster speeds if because there is too much unnecessary data transmitting in the tunnel of the server at any given time.  To prevent this from happening, you should have a remote desktop or a terminal server running across the network.  Without this, excessive data will transmit at all times and slow the server down.  Make sure you know how to setup a terminal server or a remote desktop so you can take the first step of speeding up your network.

Consider What You Want to Do With Your Network and Then Choose the Right Kind of Gateway

One of your most important focuses will need to be on just what you plan on doing with your VPN.  Not everyone uses a VPN for the same reason.  Some individuals use VPNs for web browsing, others use this type of network for their VoIP connection.  On the other side of this are the users who use their network to watch videos, playing games or download very bulky files.  Not all users should use the same type of gateway.  Users who are going to be web browsing or using VoIP on their network should focus on gateways that will give them low-latency and the best service.  Individuals who will be using the network to download files, play games, or watch movies should choose a gateway with a high-throughput.  Choose the right gateway through your VPN provider and if you are not sure which gateway is low-latency or high-throughput you can always call the provider and ask.

Keep Your VPN Updated

After you setup your VPN you might forget to update the network on a regular basis.  If you do not keep your VPN connection updated it might start to run slow.  If you are not sure how to update your connection, contact your service provider for tips on how often you should update the connection.

Dealing with a slow VPN can be frustrating for people who have never browsed the web or watched videos on one.  You have to remember that a VPN runs slower than other networks because the network has to encrypt all of the data packets that come through the network as they are delivered and pass through.  While a VPN may not be faster than all networks, there tips are sure to help you speed your network up so you can enjoy the best possible connection speed.

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