VPN Versus Proxies For Hiding IP

vpn for hiding ip

Internet censorship is a phenomenon that most people encounter everyday in one form or another. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube whose core business is video sharing or social media are some of the most common sites that face censorship in offices. Other sites like Pandora and Hulu face censorship in certain countries. In countries like Iran and China, government authorities carry out internet censorship. The great firewall of China is a classic example of state-sponsored internet censorship. It is possible to visit the above-mentioned sites using certain tools or workarounds. However, your employer, school or ISP may keep a record of all online activities, something that you might not fancy at all.

Proxy servers are a common method of hiding your IP address. The proxy server is a computer that offers clients indirect network access and connections via its network. There are website-based proxy servers and browser-configured proxy servers such as anonymous proxies, transparent proxies, high anonymity proxies and distorting proxies. These proxies may be effective only to a certain extent. VPN for hiding IP may be the best solution in the market. It is capable of bypassing all manner of internet censorship in a safe way.

Virtual private networks protect your identity and data over unsafe public networks such as wireless hotspots and the internet. Various protocols create encrypted tunnels that facilitate the safe transportation of data over the public networks. Firewalls protect all data that may be stored in your computer. VPN on the other hand protect your data while it is on the internet. VPN has the singular goal of implementing security to a similar level to the private networks security albeit at a lower cost. VPN services provide their clients with various gateway cities that host their computer’s IP address. This allows clients to access websites that are exclusive to internet visitors from a certain country. Apart from disguising IP addresses, this feature allows travelers to access websites from their countries while on travel. The same VPN feature helps Internet users in internet-strangled countries such as Iran and China.

VPN finds widespread use in remote network connection such as accessing your office server from the cyber café or home. In using VPN for hiding IP, the VPN service undergoes suitable configurations that allow you to surf the Internet while connected. In essence, you are using the VPN server as a type of relay under such conditions. This is similar to what happens with a proxy server.

The operation modes of proxies and VPN are quite different. While VPNs work with all types of applications on your PC, proxies on the other hand work singularly with your internet browser or any other application that have the requisite proxy configurations. Experts recommend using a VPN service that offers private server resources and IP address. Some of these services may have a very low setup fee. VPN services where users have to share bandwidth usually face Internet downtime problems from time to time.

VPN for hiding IP is a guaranteed service with most VPN packages. VPN guarantees you of an encrypted connection that secures your Wi-Fi access and prevents snooping by unauthorized parties. Proxies may be cheaper but VPN is superior in almost all aspects.

Best VPN For Hiding IP

You can pick on of this top vpn services to hide your ip. You also can use it to access any blocked site by your isp and secured your credential at the same time.

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