List of VPN Client APP For Android


Everyone who has a Smartphone has certainly stumbled upon at least one situation in which they wanted to navigate on a certain website or they wanted to use a certain service they love a lot, but couldn’t, because their country was blacklisted. In this regard though, a vpn client for android can help them overcome this limitation and break free to having access to any service and website they want. A VPN also known as a virtual private network creates secure channels of communication and it can basically exist on top of any existing data service standard. Most of the times, this is called the virtual private network tunnel. Below there are some of the benefits people get when using a VPN service for their phones.

Android VPN Client APP List

VPN Services below have Android vpn client app for all customer. Sign up with their service and you can use it for free.

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Vypr VPN
IpVanish VPN

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– Hide my ass has an app on Google play. Click here to see details.
– VyperVPN has vpn on demand on Google Play as well. Click here for more detail
– Kepard App on Google Play Click Here

The Benefits of a VPN Client For Android

Reduced Costs

Even though leased lines and dedicated circuits are quite reliable, they can really get expensive. If using a VPN service, people will be able to save a lot of money (up to 50% or more) off data service costs. Depending on the plan people get, they will even get a completely managed twenty four seven monitoring solution to provide them with extra visibility and security to how their network is managed.

Improved Security and Performance

By using authentication and encryption protocols, the data traveling the virtual private network is very well secured. When the VPN is implemented properly, the network’s performance should not be impacted at all or if there would be any impact, it would be minor. Most of the times though, network performance increases after people consider a VPN service.

Performance is also increased, because the efficiency and the bandwidth of the network will usually increase after the VPN solution is installed.

Greater Access to Mobile Users

The ones who will mostly benefit from the facilities of VPN are telecommuters. Because there are so many people nowadays who go on business trips or work from the comfort of their own home, having the ability of connecting to the company’s servers in order to gain access to company data and E-mails is a massive productivity and convenience plus.


Last but not least, it seems that one of the biggest advantages of anyone using a virtual private network is the cost efficiency they’ll take advantage of. For many years now, corporations and small businesses leased lines and many other kinds of dedicated network technology which have a limited bandwidth. However, when going with a VPN, it offers people the flexibility they want to choose the highest performance and cost effective technology they want for their daily use. Security is also a factor that’s taken heavily into consideration when making a choice, too.

By reducing putting the network traffic onto cheaper data lines after reducing the number of single access leased lines, costs can be reduced by a big percentage. In what regards security, the channels of communication used can be secured with security protocols specific to virtual private networks, like SSL and IPSec. And that is why a vpn client for android is something that more and more mobile users are aiming it, as it doesn’t only help them save money, but also have access to a lot of content they could never access before.