how to watch tvb overseas

TVB (Television Broadcasts Limited) is the biggest commercial television station in Hong Kong. It is also one of the main boards of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

TVB is known for its top quality productions.This platform has won over 540 international awards. Furthermore, it runs five 5 HD digital channels. It also offers a wide variety of content ranging from general information to entertainment. This is the reason why this broadcasting platform has a strong fan base all over the world.

Some of its major activities involve:

  • Free to Air Television Broadcasting
  • Digital Business Production
  • Programme Production
  • Publications
  • Programme Listening as well as Distribution

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch TVB Online?

TVB is one stop for a number of interesting content ranging from current affairs, news, and entertainment. Due to its popularity, many people want to access this platform. However, the problem is that the best content is availableonly in Hong Kong. Therefore, international users need VPN to watch TVB overseas.

How to Watch TVB Online?

There is no need to pay thousands to cable providers so that you can watch TVB overseas. All you need is VPN with Hong Kong server, you can unlock all the content, and surpass all regional electrical, that too, free of cost.

Here’s how:

  • Pick a VPN and choose a subscription plan.
  • Install the VPN client on your selected platform.
  • After installation, login and then select a server that is located in Hong Kong.
  • You can now access TVB.

All the Channels that You Can Watch on TVB

One you open TVB, you can unlock some of the following channels.

  • TVB Pearl
  • TVB Korean Drama
  • TV Weekly
  • myTV SUPER
  • TVB Mainland News

 Best Hong Kong VPN for Watching TVB Overseas

Some of the top VPN services that you can select are as follows:

Visit Site
Express VPN
Vypr VPN
VPN Secure
IpVanish VPN


express vpn

ExpressVPN is the king among all other VPN service providers. This company has no loggingpolicy; therefore, it can be trusted while browsing TVB even from afar. It has servers in 94 countries and offers top of the line customer services. Some might find it little costly, however, the security services are totally worth the price.


nord vpn

This company is located in Panama, a country where there are no specific data retention laws. Furthermore, NordVPN uses strong encryption, which is why you can remain anonymous in every browsing session.

It provides two simultaneous connections. This way you can conveniently watch your favorite TVB drama without interruption.


vypr vpn

VyprVPN has its own servers, and there is no third party involvement. Therefore, users can remain sure that their activity is not being monitored.

Most importantly, latest technology has been used that excel at unblocking TVB in far regions of the world.


boleh vpn

The best thing about this VPN is that there have been fewer technical issues. Furthermore, it offers free of cost smart DNS services to itscustomers.

A Final Word

Even if the TVB is inaccessible in your area, you can watch all the interesting content after installing VPN software, some of which are mentioned in the article.