BBC iPlayer is a streaming source for TV shows, and music, from the popular UK based BBC network. It also includes likes to ITV, and other UK channels, allowing viewers to watch their favorite shows, all in one sitting, anywhere.

BBC iPlayer

This streaming service allows you to watch your favorite BBC shows, and stream live music, anywhere. If you do not have time to watch your shows during the week, you can catch up at any time, and stream the shows you love, anywhere. The service replays the TV shows which have aired for the past seven days, allowing viewers to catch up on the shows they missed during the week, due to work, or being out of the home.

What you need to watch

The player runs on Adobe, so you need this service; it is free, and can be downloaded to nearly any device. Additionally, you pay a monthly subscription of 6.14 pounds, which is just under 75 pounds annually. You can stream on any device; originally it was for iPhone and other Apple products but you can now stream on your PC, smart phones, gaming devices, or directly to your TV at home. The latest version of iPlayer, also integrates social media streaming, and music streaming, so you can connect to others online, and interact with the shows that you most love on BBC.

How to watch BBC iPlayer in USA

For those traveling to the US, or individuals who live in the US, there are different means to stream the UK based service. First,  option is to use a VPN to stream. With a virtual private network, you can stream anything; one downside, is there is a monthly cost, but it is generally very low.

List of Best VPN To Watch BBC iPlayer in USA

Sign up for one of vpn provider below. Set it up on your device and pick UK for country.

Visit Site
Private Internet Access
Hideip VPN
Express VPN
Vypr VPN
VPN Secure

A smart DNS is a second option

Something like, will be more transparent. Your ip remains the same and still be able to watch BBC iplayer, while your ip will change totally for vpn.

Most streaming services, such as BBC iplayer, do have restrictions in place, which require users to be based in the UK. But, with these different options, viewers are going to be able to enjoy their favorite BBC programming, even if they are living in or in the US.

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