How To Unblock & Watch Xfinity TV Oversea

How to unblock Xfinity TV

Learning how to unblock Xfinity TV is actually fairly simple. Comcast is one of the United States largest providers of cable television and Internet service. Recently, they expanded their offerings to give consumers cable TV, Internet access, and home phone service. These three services are all marketed under the company name Xfinity. How to get Xanax online?

Subscribe Xfinity TV

If you are an Xfinity subscriber, you may have any of Xfinity’s three services.  There, Comcast offers a wide range of videos. Many popular shows are available for anyone to watch for free, but other shows may be impossible to watch unless you learn how to unblock Xfinity TV.

If the video that you are trying to watch has a black key symbol on it, you need a subscription to watch that show. In order to get a subscription, you will need to contact Comcast directly. Their customer service agents will be able to direct you to the package that you need in order to watch that particular video. Once you have Comcast services, you will be able to enjoy all of their great features. Zenegra

As stated above, one of the best features of the Comcast Internet service is that it allows subscribers to watch Comcast cable TV through their Internet connection. However, if you leave the country, you may be unpleasantly surprised to discover that your Xfinity TV no longer works when you are abroad. Luckily, there are steps to do how to unblock Xfinity TV easily.

If you see a message that says that playback is unavailable or that videos can only be viewed from the U.S., these are the steps that you will need to take. First, you will need to block or hide your IP address. Essentially, you will hide your IP address and disguise it with a U.S. based IP address. This is the perfect way to sidestep any issues and ensure that you have a secure way to access the Internet from anywhere in the world.

I don’t have Xfinity TV Subscription. Can I subscribe?

  • Yes, if you are US citizen and have real address in USA
  • No, if you are not US citizen and live outside USA.

Hide Your IP

To disguise your IP address, you will need to sign up for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. Once you have found a reputable VPN service, you will need to download their software. At that time, you will be directed to connect one of the servers in the U.S. This may sound difficult, but most VPN providers understand that most people are not very tech savvy. Thus, they create software that is very easy to use, and in most cases, you will find that the user interface is incredibly easy to navigate.

Once you have disguised your IP address, you can reload the website. Thanks to your disguised IP address, Comcast will now think that you are in the United States, and they will allow you to watch their videos. Once you have completed those easy steps, you have done everything that you need to do, and you can sit back and enjoy your favorite Xfinity TV shows. Now, you know how to unblock Xfinity TV.

Best VPN To Unblock Unblock Xfinity TV

This vpn list is the top vpn providers that can serve you us ip address to access comcast tv without any problem.

Visit Site
Private Internet Access
Hideip VPN
Express VPN
Vypr VPN
IpVanish VPN

VPN can be used to watch Xfinity outside USA with devices below

1. Android phone & Tablet
2. iPhone & iPad
3 Amazon Fire HD & Kindle Fire

Now I’ve VPN subscription. What to do next?

Please follow steps below

  1. Connect to any US VPN server
  2. After successfull conection. Open as usual
  3. Enjoy

For other devices, it may get a little bit difference.

  1. Mobilephone, android – ios: Most vpn providers have app. You can use their app to connect and switch server very easily.
  2. Devices, smart tv, tv box, bluray player: Please ask vpn provider for how to set up. It’s a bit difference from each provider. Mostly you need to set up vpn on DD-WRT router and connect your devices to it.