Hideman Review

Hideman VPN Feature:

– $9 per month
– Servers in 18 countries
– PPTP, OpenVpn
– 5 hours free trial, No money back
– Windows,Linux,OS X and Android

Hideman.net VPN Review


Hideman provides its customers with VPN and Wi-Fi protection services. VPN is short for “Virtual Private Network,” which basically allows for an encrypted pathway between servers and hardware. As a result, all computers and web presences using a VPN are completely anonymous, ensuring unsurpassed privacy. Hideman offers this service through their special software which can be downloaded for free. In order to utilize the service, the user runs the software and manually establishes a unique IP address and country of origin.

With all of that being said, it’s no difficult to see why the name of the service – “Hideman” – is so fitting: It “hides” a computer online! No wonder the logo is a mysterious silhouette of a man wearing a fedora and trench coat.


Numerous pricing plans are available for just about any budget and duration. Unlike other VPN services, however, Hideman doesn’t price according to country of origin: Instead, they charge for duration. Because of this and the fact that the software is free to download, users are given four free hours every week! Apart from the four-hour limit, the only other limitation on free users is a speed limit of no less than 512kb/s during high load on the server.

Paid subscriptions, however, are limitless in terms of speed. Users can choose between five different plans based entirely on duration. The plan options include one week, one month, two months, six months, and one year, which are priced at $3, $9, $15, $39, and $69, respectively. All plans have the same features and benefits.

Users can pay for their subscriptions through a variety of methods, which include PayPal, CreditCard, SMS, Liberty Reserve, Google Wallet, CashU, OkPay, LiqPay, Qiwi, RBK.Money, and Yandex.Money.

Countries Supported

Hideman supports all countries, with servers hosted in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, France, Germany, Russia, Netherlands, Ukraine, Singapore, Panama, Australia, Luxembourg, Sweden, HongKong, Moldova, Poland, Turkey and Czech Republic.

Users intending to use P2P services – such as BitTorrent, Kazaa, and DC++ – are only prohibited to do so in servers hosted in the Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, Signapore, and Panama; P2P is banned in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and Germany.

For those that reside in countries where Internet is censored, Hideman’s staff will help them bypass any existing limitations or restrictions.


All plans have access to PPTP and OpenVPN. Hideman will add L2PT, or IPSec and proxy in the future.

Customer Support

Although high in quality, Hideman is still a low-cost server, which means that it has significantly less expenses and procedures than other VPN services. To help keep these expenses – and therefore prices – low, however, Hideman doesn’t offer 24/7 live customer support over the phone. Instead, they provide an email for customer support, as well as usernames for Skype. Although users may not be able to receive support over the phone, all correspondences are very prompt.

Money Back

Hideman doesn’t provide money back. Why? It’s no need. you have 5 hours free trial per week. That’s enough before you actually buy.

Traffic & Bandwidth

One of the most unique features of Hideman’s VPN service is that there are no restrictions on bandwidth or traffic. Users can also download as much as they want and switch between different VPNs at no penalty or fee. Since such a feature is so uncommon and expensive among other VPN services, this is truly one of Hideman’s greatest benefits.


Like with traffic and bandwidth, there are also no restrictions on speed. The only restriction that will ever come up, however, is for free users: As mentioned, during high load on the server, free users will experience a speed limit of no less than 512kb/s. Besides that, download speeds are unlimited and comparable to other Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Supported Devices

Due to the software’s ease of access, the service is accessible through a wide range of windows devices. These devices, however, aren’t just computers: Users with Androids and more will be able to utilize Hideman’s VPN service. Browser support is equally extensive, covering Firefox, Chrome, Windows Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera and Skype. Thanks to such extensive coverage, users are guaranteed access to all mainstream websites such as Hulu, Pandora, and more.

Supported OS

Hideman works with the Windows, OS X, IOS and Linux operating system.

Free Trial

Unlike many other VPN services that require all of its customers to pay a small upfront fee for a trial, Hideman’s software is completely free to download. On top of that, its users will also be able to use it for four hours a week, providing a nearly “unlimited” free trial.

One of the great things about the trial is that the free version isn’t watered down: Free users will have access to the software and its features in its entirety, ensuring that they receive the complete Hideman experience before having to pay a penny. Compare this to more expensive VPN services that require an upfront payment just to use a limited version of their software!


Hideman offers its user a very clean and simple interface backed with an incredible service: Unlimited traffic, bandwidth, and speed for very reasonable prices based entirely on duration. Users from all over the world can utilize one of Hideman’s nine servers, each of which is hosted in a different country. Compared to other services, Hideman’s free trial is also very generous and reasonable.

One of the greatest things about Hideman’s VPN services and other VPN services in general is that they provide for complete privacy online: This means users can browse, email, and download files anonymously.


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